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Today's post is about a good teacher.

Our second reliance after parents is our teacher. The teacher is a craftsman. After parents, teachers show us the good way. The teacher is a respected person. Without a teacher, illiteracy is illiterate. Without a teacher, no nation can ever see the path of improvement. Teachers are the root of the developed nation.

We have no person in this world who has no teacher. All human beings in creation must have one or only one teacher. It is not possible to acquire knowledge without the teacher. It is impossible for a person without knowledge to survive on earth. We need many teachers in our lives. We have learned a lot from being small to growing up, whether from our parents or from anyone else. The teacher plays an extremely important role in the way we move.

The first artisan to be human is a teacher. Without education, human influence does not develop. However, education is needed to develop human influence. And a teacher works to develop people's education. A great teacher can take people to the final. Without a teacher, people can never reach the ultimate good. So, The teacher must be an ideal teacher. A good teacher can solve all problems of society. If the teacher is good, he will easily do any work to develop his society. But if there is a teacher of dishonest character then with his hands the society will be completely ruin. So the teacher must be great. A good teacher is one of the main tools for the betterment of society and the country.

To be a good teacher, he has to have many qualities. In addition to teaching, the conduct of a good teacher must be perfect. He must have moral qualities. And his mindset must be benevolent. Always give good advice to his students. They have to be treated well. The teacher need to talk to students well and treat them in a friendly way. The teacher must think that the students are his children. They have to deal with them accordingly. Thus, the teacher has to win the mind of his student. Now they have to try to get them in the right direction. This is the basic identity of an ideal teacher.

Many times, even after thousands of efforts by the teacher, the student is unable to move in the right direction. The teacher's task is to explain them well. He can certainly take students on the right path if he wants. He may have to make a little trouble so students can still get in the right direction. If there is an ideal teacher, he will always try to find out the mistakes and correct all of them.

The teacher must have many qualities. Knowledge, Patience, Please, Justice, Likewise, there are many other desirable qualities. Without these, no teacher can be an ideal teacher. A teacher must have creativity. Students have to learn something new every day. A teacher's conduct must be beautiful. And it has to be taught to students. A teacher must be Patriotic. And All moral qualities should be taught to the students.

A teacher must find out the good qualities of his student. And he has to try to gauge his student's bad qualities. Good qualities must be awakened in the student's mind. Not only will the student be under the pressure of reading, but in addition to reading, he will be given the opportunity to play other entertainment. Teachers have to teach students to respect others. And gave good advice to the student. So that he can work for the country. To protect the honor of the country, the students should be taught all the things to do. And the relationship between the teacher and the student should be free. All things have to be shared with each other.

The ideal and moral quality of a teacher is to have a friendly relationship with the students. So that the teacher can know everything about his student and make it easy to guide him. Students must be taught to do good and to refrain from doing bad. If you can do the above things correctly then you can be called an ideal teacher. I want you to be a good teacher and make the country prosper through the students...

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