My Steemfest3 Stories: Some of my favourite new friends - The Little Stokes

I am taking my time with my Steemfest3 posts, there's so much to post about, but these last few days being back have been about spending maximum time with the kids and catching up on sleep. Other than that, there is much to process still, SF3 was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and I'm still "high" from it all :)

The last pic I took with the Little Stokes


Some of the most memorable fun I had at SF3 were actually with @lukestokes and @corinnestokes's little ones. I won't be using the kids' names, just in case they prefer them to be private

I happened to be on the same flight as the Stokes, going to Krakow, so I met them then. I found out the kids were homeschooled, and seeing as I also homeschool/unschool mine, I knew we'd get along!

Arriving at Krakow Airport with @steevc, @lukestokes, @corinnestokes, little Stokes, @cryptogee, @shanibeer


And throughout the conference, the kids would come chat and joke with me if we ever bumped into each other.

The cutest walking ad for @Utopian-io


By Day 3, the girls were on a "hug at sight" basis with me. Do you have any idea how awesome that is? I have 2 little girls and they are very loving people. But I know how much it means when a kid will go and hug someone spontaneously. It also reinforces how absolutely intuitive children can be, because the first hug I ever got from Little Stoke no.2, I was seriously missing my girls at the time, so it meant A LOT!!!!

I took this right after the first hugs I got from these girls! Yes I remember.. And then they were being so sweet with their mom @corinnestokes, I had to take a picture!



One great thing about Homeschooling is you tend to spend a lot of time with people of all ages, and you can really see how anyone can become friends.

I saw those kids throughout Steemfest, rocking at bowling, dancing at the club, and being the confident little humans they were, going around, chatting with everyone!

Until it was time to leave.. Fortunately we also had the same flight back into London, so I had just that extra time with them, especially before and after the plane ride. We talked and joked lots. Kids tend to love my silly jokes, so it was a nice confidence boost too ;) For me, it was just such a beautiful and meaningful way to end my Steemfest experience.

My new friends :)


To the Stokes family: Thank you for raising such awesome humans! Hope the move goes really really well. Take care and see you all next year :)

Thanks for reading guys, been LOVING reading so many of your SF3 posts. Will try and knock out another one soon!

Much Love from Red

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