My Steem funds are currently being frozen by the top 20 Steem witnesses (reward for info)

Worse, my funds are being transferred weekly to a scam account, because I made a mistake when trying to withdraw those funds. I am unable to fix this mistake now, because the operation to stop it is also being frozen by the Steem witnesses.

I believe that the Steem witnesses are aware of this, but have taken no action to unfreeze my account.

Steem witness information needed

So I need to collect identity information on all the top Steem witnesses. I will contact them and give them a chance to unfreeze my account and reimburse me directly for the loss I have already had.

If they do not, I will see what options are available for suing them in their home locations. From past information posted, I believe several are located in South Korea, which respects property laws.

Reward for information

If you have any information about the real world identities of the top witnesses on Steem, please post it here. I will provide a 5% reward of any recovery I make with the people who provide correct information about witness identity (first come, first served on identity of individual witnesses). This reward doesn't apply to Steem witnesses who self-identify, but please provide the information, if you are so brave.

For identity information, I want the following: name, email, and address of residence. Other useful information: place of work. I already have information for one witness "skuld".

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