The statistical trick and how to fool the unaware


Some people might have noticed, that reported deaths from influenzas has stopped since the last year. And the media is oddly quiet about the numbers, well the thing is, there is barely anything to report. Many doctors knows, that PCR is not a test, it is a tool to multiply proteins exponentially.

In Spain the power-tripped politicians invent the most ridiculous rules to keep people from ending the tyranny. Every time people have started demonstrations, in a few days there is another lockdown. Knowingly torturing and killing people, no wonder they are as scared, as their victims.

The whole thing has very little to do with biology, nothing to do with the scientific method. A cloth stopping normal breathing and inhalation of germs in and out most clearly is not beneficial, and it is not too hard to imagine that a grain of sand can go though a car tunnel pretty easily, as is with viruses and the size of the holes in the face diaper.

Now some chain cafes even have their own promotional material, eat with the mask on and do not use cash. At least the local cafes do better, when more people start waking up to the real world outside the fantasy of nobody ever getting sick of anything.


The statistics are as corrupt as the governments, but there are some things one can see even form the manipulated data. The green is the "cases" in Andalucia, grey is for ICU patients and people dead after a certain PCR result in red colour.

So the cases and actual fatalities have no correlation, as with hospitalization numbers. That is why they usually use the funny cumulative graphs, which are used in misleading from actual scientific measurements.

Around 10 months of this lunacy has been tough for a person, who enjoys reading scientific studies with golden standard. None of the things in this vaccination commercial are based on facts or reality, are we already so advanced, that the planet that we live in has no value anymore, not to mention other people?

Again facing even harsher lockdowns, based on lies and deception. This information is not usually available in Spanish, so can kind of understand the total slave mentality. And sometimes there are not too many options, there are thousands of bored armed troops who just wait to beat someone up and rob them.

Many signs shows, that in a few months the whole populations of villages can be murdered without anyone noticing. Censorship and intimidation, it has never been possible before without the bright screens hypnotizing people to digging their own graves.

There is still hope, perhaps the bad deeds will be punished and the people start to look for alternatives. Clearly the slavery will deepen far more, before the big mass is ready to embrace the free future. First one needs to be hopeless, to change the life. That time is closer, than we think!

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