Time to get our own stackexchange subdomain, Hivers!

@mahdiyari took the time to create a Hive proposal on stackexchange and we need the community's help to get it more attention! This one is a bit different from the previous Hive voting we did, the good thing is that it's not as easy to cheat. 😉

First part is to register an account and then follow Hive under this link: https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/125691/hive-blockchain


After you're logged in you can also start voting up some of the questions and then get to the final part; create your own question!

You need to make sure that the question about Hive has direct answers, i.e. no ambiguous, vague, overly broad questions as those will be closed by moderators.

Here's a list of some of the current questions so you get an idea:


If a question comes to mind you're not seeing there, feel free to add it in and get a bigger upvote after sharing a screenshot of it here in the comments!

PS! Make sure to verify your email address which gets you past 50 reputation and allows you to form questions yourself!

Thanks everyone for the massive contributions and activity in the last post about tallying votes, many of us noticed a lot of shady activity from the "competition" and realized how easy it was to create fake accounts so let's see how they decide to finalize that poll. Nonetheless our community showed its strengths and how they can come together when needed and how big we are. Let's do the same thing here and step by step more in the future to get Hive in front of as many eyes who've been missing out on what we have here as possible!