Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets challenge.... and a giveaway

Time to share another battle on this fun weekly challenge; and this week's prompt is...

Equalizer ruleset is one of my favourites! In this ruleset, all cards have the same health as the card with the highest base health, either from your line up or your opponent! This create awesome opportunities to use some of those cards that are very powerful, but very "squishy"; normally the ones with very high attack, but where the tiny hp or hp/speed combination makes them only useful in very particular instances... like this one!

I have some top picks for this ruleset, but probably my favourite is this little guy:

It's the type of card that can be destroyed in a heartbeat, with only one HP, but also one that can change the course of the battle in a heartbeat as well, with all the useful stats. With high HP, it transforms into a whole new kind of beast! So of course, I had to pick him when this ruleset appeared. Here you go:

Two more rulesets on the battle: only odd monsters could be used, and they all have the knock out ability, giving double damage if the target is stunned.

My strategy and lineup:

  • Conqueror Jacek as the summoner: extra speed and piercing always come in handy!
  • Exploding Dwarf as tank: high melee attack with trample, retaliate and blast, and now with high HP; doesn't get that much better than this!
  • Tenyii striker: high speed and attack, and could serve as offtank if/when exploding dwarf is neutralized
  • Elemental Phoenix: damage dealer, and the blast effect is great with scattershot from the summoner
  • Fire Elemental: same reasoning as the phoenix
  • Flame Imp: mainly for the extra speed stat here
  • Coeurl Lurker: taunt in the backline, to try and make the tank last as much as possible; using it was the reason to sacrifice firepower and getting more speed, choosing the flame imp.

My opponent had a pretty strong lineup: Quix as summoner, reducing my ranged attack and speed; a good choice for tank, with the ever-hungry skull becoming a hard to beat tank with huge armor; and great damage dealers, with Lira, Sha-Vi, and a strong off-tank, the carnage Titan.

I confess, when I saw the lineup, I was unsure how this battle would go; scattershot and retaliate can be awesome... or a pain, depending on lady luck!

At round two, after having already lost my taunt, the exploding dwarf is defeated as well; things weren't looking great! Retaliate only went off one time, and the high armour of both tank and offtank reduced a lot of the attack's effectiveness.

End of round 3, and my offtank is gone as well; that left 3 of my team vs 5 of my opponent! But a few of his cards had already low health, so not all was lost; battle went on, with losses to both sides, and at round 6....

... Lady Luck gave a hand! Speed is paramount in most battles, and here, this miss was enough to seal my victory. But it was one of the closest battles I had recently! You can see the entire battle here!

How about you? Do you have any favourite card or strategy in this lineup? Let me (us!) know!

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So, and who won this week's card?

Congratulations @olaf.gui! The Arachne Thug is going your way!

For this next giveaway, the card that will be switching hands is...

The Angelic Mandarin!


No upvote, follow or resteem required. Just comment! Or even better, tag a fellow player! Winner will be randomly chosen at post payout; good luck everyone!


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