Splinterlands - Best Ability is Scavenger? (Weekly Post)


My favorite ability when it comes to Splinterlands is the scavenger. The ability allows the attacking monster to attack from any spot in the formation and it attacks specifically on the weakest monster in the opponent's formation. With this kind of ability no wonder monsters that have it tend to have lower stats compare to monsters without the ability. Is scavenger really the best though? Lets find out with the battle I show to follow.

Battle Using Scavenger


In the match to follow I would be limited to 20 mana but had an interesting pair of rule sets in Equalizer and Stampede. What I thought of immediately was the use of life splinter as they have toughness to handle stampede but also have help in equalizer to extend life. With that thought process I went with life formation.


I started off with Gelatinous Cube as my tanker follow up with Silvershield Bard, Furious Chicken, Divine Sorceress, Defender of Truth and Highland Archer. A main focus was to outlast my opponent when it came to being attacked. My opponent with go with the following dragon formation. Starting off with Red Dragon, followed up with Furious Chicken, Fiendish Harpy, Creeping Ooze, Fallen Specter, and Undead Priest.

Round 1


After round one both sides remain fully intact. My Cube was neck and neck with their Red Dragon. One other item that stood out to me was that my formation had multiple abilities effects on each monster while my opponent basically had none on any of theirs. Coincide?

Round 2


By end of round two both tankers were knocked out so my Cube's Scavenger was not able to be used to its fullest potential. Not much for a tanker is it? Not even the self heal by either tankers was able to keep up with the rest of the formation.

Round 3


My opponent's furious chicken was able to stay alive up until the end of third round. Besides that the formations were neck and neck.

Round 4


By end of round four it was four against four. Now would be my Furious Chicken's turn to hold down the fort while my opponent's Fiendish Harpy only had two health left before death.

Round 5 and 6


Near the end of round 6 it was clear my opponent was facing immanent defeat. How interesting that it would be my Furious Chicken that would be the better tanker out of all the monsters remaining.

Round 7 thru 10


As dragging as it may seem it would take another three rounds before my opponent succumb to defeat. Still I had the upper-hand since round 6 as spoken earlier.


The key to this match was not as much of the Scavenger ability but more so to the rule sets in place. Monsters that typically had 1 health became very important in the match as they racked up to 11 health with the Equalizer rule set.

The position of the monsters were key as my opponent's devastating Red Dragon was pretty quickly nullified since it was place near the front of the formation. If they had put it near the end of the formation I would think the outcome would have turned differently. Instead my Divine Sorcerers, Defender of Truth and Highlander Archer packed an offense combo enough to knock out my opponent.

If you are interesting in watching the battle here is a link.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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