Splinterlands PH Community Growth


Splinterlands PH is one the fastest growing Splinterlands Community on Facebook. It started with less than 50 members, and now, the community consisted of more than 35,000!

Here are the numbers in comparison between August and September:

PH CommunitiesMembers August 2021Member September 2021
Splinterland PH32k35.2k
Splinterlands PH Guide & Support17k19.7k
Splinterlands PH Buy & Sell Group9.8k11.2k
Splinterland Global: Guide/ Marketplace9131.1k
Splinterlands Marketplace12.3k13.1k

Our Consistency of sharing tips and walkthroughs from our admins/mods, and members, was one of the secret ingredients that our group is being supported by the Filipino community. Providing useful information, guides and security for the members to express themselves on the group and find their way throughout the game.

We also reach out local streamers to promote @splinterlands on their channel. These are the current Streamers/Vloggers that is part of Splinterlands PH Community:

Wolf's Den
ULTM8 X Gaming

We're also inviting other local streamers out there to join us and help each other promoting your channels in line with Splinterlands to our communities.

Special thanks to:
The other PH groups who entrusted me to become one of their mods and part of their communities.
To @peakmonsters, Thanks for making the game so convenient for us players. Rentals and purchasing wouldn't be easy without you.
To my fun and loving mods, thanks for making this possible to name a few.
To @nixlot01 , for helping the community on safety transactions and conversions.
To @solymi who's been a very good friend and guildmate to me. He gave me this idea to reach out and let everyone know what we've been doing to help Splinterlands.
To my guild @acolytesofhelio, for always being there and being friendly and helpful as always.

To my mentor thezorro#3160, thanks for your guidance and support. You have no idea how you help me become a better person with your teachings towards me.
To our Starter Foundation for it's concept of helping players to achieve their full potential with our help and making it possible.
To @Splinterlands and the rest of the team, thanks for taking care of our concern and making this game so awesome. We really aim to reach this game right on the top!
To @Aggroed, despite his busy busy busy time, he's always there to help everyone out as much as possible. Thanks for your ultimate support and help.

And to everyone who can help us and support our cause, we would appreciate it dearly. You can reach us from our group Splinterlands PH, or send me a message on my discord aceofhearts#5034.

Thank you and more power to @Splinterlands and to our PH communities.

Road to success everyone!! Road to success!!

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