Ranked Battle Reward System Updates

The Splinterlands team has been putting increased focus recently on the ranked battle reward system economy and we have identified a number of issues (with considerable help from the community) and are working on a comprehensive overhaul of the system with the following high level goals in mind:

  • Reduce the ability to "farm" rewards using a small set of cards across many different accounts
  • Increase the rewards for participating in the ranked season ladder (DEC, quest, and season rewards) across all leagues
  • Provide incentives for players to continue playing on a daily basis beyond the wins needed for the daily quest and provide incentives for players to continue playing after having achieved a high league in the current season

We will be releasing more information about our planned changes to the system to address the above goals as we get the details figured out, but in the meantime we have a few smaller changes that we plan to release in the near future:

  1. Each Beta edition card used in a ranked battle win will provide a 5% boost to the DEC rewards earned for that battle (this change was already released last week!)
  2. Cards on 24-hour cooldown will no longer be able to be listed for rent on the rental market
  3. Chaos Legion booster packs will be added as a possible reward in daily quest and season reward loot chests starting with Silver league and up with the following probabilities (which will be taken out of the probability of receiving potions):
League/Tier% ChanceLeague/Tier% Chance
Silver III0.25%Diamond III1.75%
Silver II0.50%Diamond II2.00%
Silver I0.75%Diamond I2.25%
Gold III1.00%Champion III2.50%
Gold II1.25%Champion II2.75%
Gold I1.50%Champion I3.00%

Please note that all packs awarded through loot chests come out of the overall 15M total packs available in the set, but packs awarded through loot chests do not include a chance for receiving any future airdrops.

  • An additional change that we plan to release over the next few weeks is that the game will hide the name of your opponent in ranked battles until both players have submitted their teams. You will still be able to see the opponent's rating and last 5 battles. We hope that this change will help prevent some of the "win trading" going on and help prevent bots or automated scripts from being able to get additional information about their opponents than is available through the game website.

These are just the first set of changes that are easiest and quickest to get out, but please stay tuned for a number of other changes aimed at addressing the above-listed goals that will be announced over the next few weeks as they are ready.

Temp Accounts

Another change that is planned to be released this week is in regard to the "temp accounts" that players receive when they sign up for the game with their email address before they purchase the Summoner's Spellbook and create their Hive blockchain wallet.

In order to be able to support the SPS validator nodes which anyone will be able to run independently and will pull data only from the Hive blockchain, it will be necessary to change the current system so that temp accounts can no longer hold any in-game assets. All assets - SPS, DEC, Cards, Land, Vouchers, etc - will need to be held in valid Hive wallets on the Hive blockchain.

Initially, changes will be implemented to prevent assets from being sent to temp accounts and once we confirm that it is no longer possible for temp accounts to get assets then we will work with any temp accounts that already have assets to be able to upgrade to a Hive blockchain account.

Please keep in mind that it will NOT be necessary to have a Summoner's Spellbook in order to hold assets, it will only be necessary to have a valid Hive blockchain wallet, which can be created for free through many third party websites and services.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.

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