Shauner's 28th Splinterlands Brawl Report - PIZZA 2 The Deep Dish Guild


Welcome to my 28th #BrawlReport as part of the PIZZA 2 The Deep Dish guild! This is the brawl that ended around June 17, 2022.

I was battling in Fray #1 for this brawl. I rented a bunch of cards for this brawl as it was also end of season and I made a run for the Gold League. I don't know whether this was a good idea or not because of the new season chest award system so I'll just have to wait and see.


This was the first time in a long while that I've gone undefeated in a brawl and the first time I've ever done so with 9 wins. This was the result of 8 wins and one opponent fleeing.

Thanks to great performances by the rest of the guild we took 1st place!

PIZZA 2 The Deep Dish Results


We earned 19 crowns and 877 merits for taking 1st place in this brawl. As a team we earned 52 wins, beating the 2nd place guild by 2 wins!

My Battles


Featured Battles

Battle #2

Watch the battle.

This ruleset blocked all healing and range attacks so the healing power of Quora Towershead was removed, but by using the Llama summoner I was able to give it the boost it needed at the end to overpower my opponent.

Battle #4

Watch the battle.

I was most concerned for the results of this battle. I had only 15 mana to work with, so most of my strong summoner/monster combinations wouldn't work. Additionally, Magic attack isn't allowed.

I decided to take a risk and only put up one monster. The only benefit to this monster is Bloodlust and it's high starting melee attack and shield/health. What benefitted me most in this battle is that my opponent put up many low health monsters that allowed the Bloodlust to build up consistently each turn.

Battle #6

Watch the battle.

Here's a great example of a mid-mana battle in which I relied solely on Melee attack and was able to overcome an opponent using the Thorns ability.

Having two Bloodlust tanks combined with the Blast ability proved to be extremely powerful in this battle. Despite the Earthquake buff being a constant detriment each round, the Bloodlust was able to overcome.

Battle #7

Watch the battle.

In this matchup, we both used the Yodin summoner card so it came down to the monsters. I used the same Grum/Chimney combo in the first and second position and my opponent had no Bloodlust or Gladiator cards in play. The use of my Bloodlust and Gladiator card made all the difference here and allowed me to easily destroy their defenses.

Final Thoughts

This was a fantastic brawl for me and the number of cards I rented was a large contributor to that success. I am definitely going to keep deploying the Grum/Chimney combo in brawls as the double Bloodlust is a wicked advantage to have. For how powerful the Grum Flameblade card is, it wasn't very expensive to rent at the end of the season.

I'm geared up for Fray #1 in the next brawl as well so hopefully I can have similar success again.

To celebrate our 1st place finish, I'm going to be sending everyone that battled for the PIZZA 2 guild in this brawl 10,000 SBT! Congrats all!

What is the #BrawlReport?

kennysgaminglife spearheaded the #BrawlReport project as a way to get PIZZA guild members more engaged in the @Splinterlands community. Here's what he had to say:

Starting with the brawl that just ended, I've invited/asked members of the #HivePizza guild to publish a #BrawlReport, breaking down their highs & lows, where they need help, questions they have, strategies they love, and so on. The idea is to help us all reflect a bit, learn a bit, share a bit, earn a bit, and connect a bit :-)
Any other guilds interested in publishing a #BrawlReport, either as individuals, or one for the whole guild, I'm happy to send some curation love your way!

Check out the latest update on the Hive Pizza token project. We also have an announcement in there about the newest PIZZA guild! We are up to four Splinterlands guilds now and are consistently well-ranking.

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