Share Your Battle: First Time Facing Dr. Blight in a Fray

I really enjoy playing Splinterlands during brawls and frays in my guild. Lots has changed over the months and seasons, but there is still a lot of excitement to be had in trying to get a win for your team. The rewards are not awesome, to be honest, but I have gotten some Gladius cards that are pretty cool. And, I just can't make myself stop until I get Quora! (and why would I stop then? Lol)

So I brawl. I used to be pretty good, but Splinterlands seems to be a game that rewards either (a) continued financial investment or (b) continued dedication of time to learn best strategies and rent optimal cards. I don't have either so I have started to get my butt beaten more often than not. This most recent round, I ran into a bunch of old buddies...Hell Hound, Djinn Oshannus, Sea Monster, ahhh it brought back memories. Of being bullied haha :)

But I have never faced this dude before:

Doctor Blight was an airdrop card - a Legend with several nasty skills - for some of the lucky ones who bought Chaos Legion packs. I was not one of the lucky ones, in fact, I might be the unluckiest pack opener ever...never got a single Legendary in any chest or pack. But I digress...

The cheapest Doctor Blight on sale in the market right now is $49.25, which is roughly 32% of the estimated value of my entire deck (which, admittedly, is down 85% from peak). So, could I beat this elite card for lucky players with my collection of starters and a lone Gladius card? Or was I in for another beating?

Here is the setup for the battle, the conditions were a Novice battler, with no healing and only mini monsters, and only Dragon and Light splinters were allowed.

What is your prediction for this battle? Did I call my mini monster lineup correctly or did Dr. Blight send me to the ER?

You can find out here (oh the suspense!)

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