Today's giveaway (14/10) two common cards

Today's giveaway will be two common dead monster.

The first monster will be

A monster with 4 in speed with fly ability that can dodge arch rang attack and also dodge melee attack monsters with slow speed (lvl 1 for giveaway).

And second card will be
******pelacor deceiver******screenshot_2021_10_14_15_45_19_1.png

Also this moster have fly ability wich make him also hard to hit him with 3 in speed. Also lvl up this monster at lvl 3 will be good and easy .

So To enter the giveaway first comment your splinterlands username(if its different from hiveblog username). Second comment the name of the card that you want from those two (its necessary).
By commenting the name of the card you will enter the draw for it .
Its will be two draw and two groups

The winners will be decided roundly by wheel , and practicing in this giveaway will end tomorrow at 12:30 GTM (15/10) and i will announce the winners at 13:00 GTM.

Warning: if you didn't comment any card name of those two or you comment both , your not going to enter the giveaway

Update: first card "phantasm goes to :


The second card" pelacor deciver " goes to :

(The pictures have been taked from wheel decide app , havewachers go check and also up vote me for that ).
The cards sent.



Sorry for late everyone .

Note : you can support me by up vote the post , and follow if u want to keep up with giveaway (splinterlands ) also i welcome any of gifts like pizza luv beer....
thank u all

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