Weekly Challenge fiery Lava spider


Hi all and welcome to another installment of the weekly challenge, this time I had the monster in my deck and I got a suitable battle with the Little league ruleset. So let's get into it!
The card in question this week is the Lava Spider, it is a common archer unit with snipe in the Fire deck.

As you can see it's a fairly cheap card at 3 mana with decent health starting at 4. My unit is currently at level 3 with a bit higher speed and health. I can't wait to get it to level four so it will also get increased damage to better help take out enemies.

As it stands I don't use it frequently mostly in Little league ruleset, due to the low damage. But if I will get it up to level four then I will likely use it more often.

Battle preparations

The rules for this battle were as follows:

  • 46 Mana
  • Aim True
  • Little league

Water, Life, Fire and Dragon splinter were available to choose from and my opponent had not used these during the last five battles. I choose the Fire deck since it has several strong low mana cards and a good tank in the form of Antoid Platoon, behind it I put Uraes since it also has a stronger defense if my first tank would fall. In the middle, I put Serpentine spy and Creeping ooze to get the first hit with my spy (however I put them in the wrong order). My backline consisted of Goblin shaman to help lower the health of my opponent and the Lava spider to shield the Goblin shaman from Sneak monsters while hopefully dealing some damange.



My tank held up great during the battle and my spy managed to get the first hit taking out his spy even though I mixed up the positioning in the middle. My Lava Spider didn't contribute to much in the game, but when I can get it up to level four with the increased damage and even level six with Snare to stop flying monsters.

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