Death splinter is both powerful and fun to play.


Once I started my Splinterlands career, death splinter wasn't on top of my list to play. But after I got a feel for it, this became one of my top splinters to use.

Sure, it may not look that much with the current starter cards. But add in a couple of rentals and neutral cards, and suddenly it seems rather interesting.

In my opinion, the death splinter starts to shine in the Silver league. But for that, you'll need to rent out level 3 to 5 cards.

Unfortunately, at this moment, I don't own a summoner that could utilize such high-level cards. That's why I occasionally rent out some to spice up the play.

But what makes this splinter so cool, and why should you give it a try?

Let's go over some cards to understand it better. This article will be geared more towards the silver league. But I'll also mention some cards that work wonders in the bronze league.

At first, we'll look at the latest cards from chaos legion.

Venari Bonesmith is a fun card to play in various matches. At first, it may not seem much for a "4" mana cost card. But for the lack of raw damage, this card gains two abilities.

The first one is available right from the start - life leach. It increases this card's life points in proportion to the damage dealt. If you think that it's not that helpful, then think again. E.g., in equalized health game, this card can become a noteworthy tank. If you place it strategically in your deck, your opponent will have to burn through quite a few hitpoints once he gets to it.

And secondly, at level 4, this card gains another useful ability - poison. At this point, the mana cost of this card becomes very reasonable. Poison transforms it into a "3" damage card. One heck of a deal if you ask me.


If magic monsters are not allowed in the battle, then, as an alternative, you can use - Haunted Spider. Do note that it's a beta card, and because of that, you'll be able to use it only in wild battle format once it goes live.

This card costs only "3" mana to use, so quite often, it could be a better fit rather than the Venari Bonesmith card, which requires 4.


The new legendary melee monster - Harklaw. A rather costly card with a cost of 8 mana to use. But again, we see some abilities that are worth the extra points.

He starts with the shield ability, and later at level two, gets immunity. There's another strong ability - demoralize, but it's usable only in the gold league or above.

It's fun to play it together with Mimosa Nightshade summoner. The shield ability helps against all physical attacks, and the void ability from the summoner protects it from magic. Such monster and summoner combination can nearly shut down ranged attacks completely. But it's usable only in a high mana match as the cost of using them both together is 15.


Shadowy Presence is a card that is also useful in the bronze league. It costs only "1" mana, but at the same time, you get a nice meat shield that can take a hit or two.

Of course, the higher you go, the better stats you get. At level 3 its usability increases even more as strengthen ability is unlocked. If you don't know, then it gives +1 to health to all the other cards.

It's highly versatile and can help you in various situations. E.g., when you have to keep your distance from your opponents' cards like with Mylor summoner or in a low mana cost match.

That's a lot from just 1 point of mana. If you can get this card - do it! It will transform your battles with death splinter.


Are you facing annoying healing monsters? Then either of these two cards can take care of that problem. That is if you can't use a summoner with affliction ability.

Undead archer works wonders in small mana fights where I expect a self-healing monster or just healing from the opponent.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the debuff will be applied 100% of the time, but I find it reliable.


Here comes a star summoner - Mimosa Nightshade. A legendary three debuff card. It's a rather costly card to rent, but it presents so many options.

I've fallen in love with it as I can combine it with other card effects and highly annoy my opponent.

Firstly it decreases the ranged damage which partly shuts down physical attacks. Secondly, my whole deck gains the void ability. That's strong protection from a magic deck. And thirdly everyone gets affliction.

Of course, there are exceptions like immunity. But for the most part, it's very annoying for players that rely on healing or have self-healing cards. E.g., Flesh Golem, Haunted Spirit, etc.


Ok then, let's check out some use cases with this splinter. Of course, there is no sure-win team. I can give you some ideas, but you'll need to think about the use of these monsters and how to counter your opponent.

Countering wins most matches unless you're heavily outgunned.

Here's one annoying composition:

Mimosa Nightshade27-1 ranged damage, void, afliction
Harklaw28shield, immunity
Sand Worm29sneak
Venari Bonesmith44poison, life leach
Death Elemental43snipe, silence
Halfling Alchemist12halving

It's suited for quite a high mana cost battle totaling 41 required mana points. For super high mana battles, you can throw in other high-cost cards.

But what makes this composition so annoying?


Spot I

Let's check our tank, which in most cases takes most of the damage unless the opponent goes with a sneak army.

A level 2 Harklaw already has two abilities - shield and immunity. Great survival abilities. But it can be increased even more.

Firstly the summoner gives another damage reduction from ranged attacks and adds void ability - protection from magic attacks. On top of that, Octopider has demoralize, which decreases the melee damage further.

With this, our tank has protection from any attacks that are aimed at him. And if the opponent does not have hard hitters, you could be looking at 0 to 1 damage to him.

Spot II

Next, we have a heavy damage dealer - Sand worm. He can dish out a lot of damage and put high pressure on the opponent's back row. It's best to use a leveled version due to the increased speed.

Otherwise, you could see quite a few misses if there is a fast monster(s) at the back.

Probably not the best option against a Mylor. So use another card in that situation.

Spot III

After the main tank and off-tank, we have another annoying card - Venari Bonesmith. With the life leach ability, this monster can become a tank as well.

By the time the opponent gets to him, he'll have absorbed quite a few points.

Just watch out for the magic reflect and/or snipe attacks. If you expect them, then you should swap it out or change positioning.

And what's more - this card has one more annoying ability - poison. It's not applied 100% of the time but works rather reliably. If your opponent can't remove it, then it becomes a huge problem.

Spot IV

Do you expect magic monsters? Then throw in your lineup Death Elemental. With its silence ability, he'll give a headache for the opponents' monsters.

At the same time, he'll help the tank to survive. If, after all the debuffs, the opponents' magic monsters will have under 2 magic damage, then any of your cards will receive 0 damage.

Spot V

There could be a high hitter at the front. So why don't we punish him even further? Throw in Halfling Alchemist and cut his damage in half. That is if this card lands his hit.

This card works wonders also in the bronze league, plus it costs only 2 mana. A highly recommended card that you should have in your card list.

Spot VI

And lastly, at the very back, we have a ranged card - Octopider. As I mentioned earlier, then this card has a very useful debuff - demoralize. It's like using the summoner - Zintar Mortalis himself, but only better as you can get other buffs/debuffs from another summoner.

This card is at the back also because it can work as a meat shield for other cards at the back. Unless the opponent uses a sand worm, then he'll survive a few hits.


And finally, let's look at the summoner itself. It's a legendary card with a 7 mana usage cost.

Because of that, this card is more suited for mid to high mana cost battles. And those in the silver league are common.

I've already mentioned ranged damage reduction and void buff. But there is one more debuff - affliction.

It's just brutal, and in some situations, it can easily win matches. E.g. a poison match if the opponent does not have a monster with immunity.

This screws up the opponents' deck badly if he relies on healers or self-healing monsters.


Of course, this lineup isn't unbeatable. It very much is with the appropriate lineup. That's why you should study your opponents' previous matches and think of your perfect counter for the given battle.

But as you can see, the death splinter can be highly annoying if you drop such a bomb on an unsuspecting opponent.

Of course, there are many other superb cards from this splinter, but to list them all and talk about their usage would turn this article into a book :)


Check out some battles with this summoner:

Battle I

Battle II

The first is a general battle, while the other is against Llama + Kron.

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