How to buy Credits with DEC In-Game & Why you should never buy Potions with DEC.

How to buy Credits with DEC In-Game

If you have had to scramble for potions at the last second you have learned that buying potions with DEC is the worst way to acquire them no doubt. In fact buying potions with DEC should no longer be an in game option due to discrepancies between the game and the market. In the potion store 39 DEC is not $0.04 its more like $0.27 when you look at the market prices. This discrepancy is noticed in the picture below.

In an effort to help the community avoid a huge mistake of paying DEC for potions we will discuss how to buy credits in game with DEC. The steps are simple.

Press the Buy Credits button.

Enter Credit Total, Select CRYPTO

Pay With: Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), Click Buy

Clicking "Pay with DEC" will start transaction.

This information may seem very obvious but just imagine the number of people who paid more than 5x what they should have for hundreds maybe thousands of Lotions. Now you will not be one of them! Be sure to share this information with your friends so they do not have to learn the hard way. Shot out to "Gank" for pointing this out to me last month on his SplinterlandsHQ stream on twitch. Be sure to tune in here

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