SPS price cause for concern, or part of a cycle? My usual updates, work, and cheers to the Hive fam.


Using my same chart from a previous post, and yellow support lines, can see that SPS made a move back up after the last drop, but currently we are back at about .18 cents. Considering all things, i still feel ok about the current situation. Theres lots of things happening with the latest airdrop news, plenty going on in the splinterlands world.

For some reference look at the same chart on a weekly candle. Has limited info, since the asset is still fairly new. But dam, looks bad on a weekly.


I traded crypto before the big rally in 2017, and ever since. I remember the pain of the bear cycles, and biggest mistakes were not having faith when certain assets spent time on low prices. Im not trading much now, focusing on staking and paying debts

Picking up just couple packs a day to test my luck but no good cards lately, still looking and hoping for an absolute BANGER!

ANYWAYS....back in gold ranking. Little sooner than last season. It seems the battles are always toughest at start of the season when everyone is getting sorted out


Trying to save all the DEC im getting from battles and from rent. Since DEC price has taken a hit as well, i dont feel the need to sell any yet.

Heres an update on rising star, just started up the Midweek Headline Slot challenge. Get er done, stack some starbits.


Needless to say, ive made a lot of mistakes in the past few years since i started getting excited about trading and crypto. I still have no choice but to work like a machine, while i stack and stake for the hope of my future.

Im at work tonight. As always i want to thank those who chose to throw a vote my way. Ive never been good at posting. Always been a bit self conscious, and i have plenty practice and learning to do, when it comes to a quality post.

Just my usual mashup of updates and a thanks again to those who rock with me.


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