Some mentions, from recent pack opens. 2022, i don't love you....yet.


Been grabbing just couple packs at a time, but not hitting the monster find that i want.

Just a couple notable mentions here.

1st up, we got a Gold Foil Silent Sha-Vi.


Cool lookin guy. I havent quite used very much yet though. Pretty good melee damage, good speed, and the sneak ability.

Market value of $3.28. Some lore from the splinterlands site...


Next up, the Insidious Warlock, regular foil.


Looks cool, but this ability is new to me. I believe he only attacks every other round, but does double damage. Which i suppose can be useful in certain situations.

Poor value, at just $1.50 average low price in market. Is pretty cool, somewhat useful though.

Some lore...


Last, but not least, a regular foil Hunter Jark. Cool card as well, cool stats. Range damage of 3 with the snipe ability. Good health, but a little slow on speed.

Value not so great, looks like can scoop one up for about $2.30 or so.



So there ya go, wraps up my new additions. I posted couple days ago about buying Torhilo the Frozen, and its def one of my favorite cards so far. Ive beaten the Llama, and Djinn Oshannus a couple times which have been my toughest challenges

Im feeling that the sentiment about Splinterlands has shifted a bit. Changes to cards, with addition of Chaos Legion. Flooding the card market with many cards. Some cards quite powerful, maybe devaluing prior powerful cards.

We have to see the big picture. If we enjoy the game, we can keep stacking the small rewards that we get. It cant be a get rich type of scenario. Even though many of us would like to get rich soon, its always hard work. As long as splinterlands stays healthy, and people continue to engage, i think well be ok for a while.

Values have swung wildly, and ive just been in since Sept of 2021. We make the choice, play or dont play.


Old pic to finish of this post (taken last week), but im at work again nonetheless. 10 hour shift overnight. Working like a machine.

Cheers to all of you beast people.

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