Crystal Jaguar performs as a tank

This is my second entry post for the challenge "SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! CRYSTAL JAGUAR".

You may read my first entry post here:

Below is the youtube link:

I already post my first battle and Crystal Jaguar is used in last position. I wanted to try differently and this time I put Crystal Jaguar in first position.

Battle Line-up:


My summoner can increase monsters ranged attack +1 and his summoner can reduce melee damage -1. So I have got advantage and he can not further reduce melee damage of Crystal Jaguar because my Crystal Jaguar only have one melee damage.


I hope Crystal Jaguar can last for a long time so I try to save him with the help of Armorsmith. His Thorns ability is perfectly suited with Repair ability of Armorsmith.


My opponent's line-up is also quite good. But I think he should add two ranged snipers so he can deal more damage to me. His attacks are spread all over my team so my monsters can survive longer. I only target enemy's tank so my attack are focused and finally I got the victory.

My strategy works and I won this battle but my enemy is a little bit weaker than me. I already use in tow different position so It is all I can do for now.

I liked Crystal Jaguar because it can be used as a tank in low mana match. Silvershield Warrior is not suited in this battle because this monster does not have Thorns ability. As a tank it should have Shield, Void or Thorns. So I decided to choose Crystal Jaguar.

My Defender of Truth also provide +2 armor so this is like adding sugar on the honey. Crystal Jaguar can survive more than Armorsmith and can also killed one of enemy's monster.

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