Wrestling Organisation Online & Reverio Giveaway (200,000 WOO / ~396 HIVE) Update #1

Since the start of December, we've been running a giveaway in association with @wrestorgonline to give away 200,000 WOO to users of Reverio for asking and answering questions in several different spaces related to their upcoming game. In case you missed it you can find full details of the giveaway here:


Today, we wanted to jump in a give you an update surrounding the current participation and give you the chance to get involved too, below you can see a selection of questions that have been asked in each space.

Wrestling Organisation Online


What Is Your Strategy Towards WOO Game Launch?@stekenehttps://www.reverio.io/question/stekene/what-is-your-strategy-towards-woo-game-launch--
What Will Be The Amount Of People In Each Tier Of The Whitelist?@stekenehttps://www.reverio.io/question/stekene/what-will-be-the-amount-of-people-in-each-tier-of-the-whitelist--
Which Wrestlers Would You Most Like To See Featured In WOO In The Future?@supersamiohttps://www.reverio.io/question/supersamio/which-wrestlers-would-you-most-like-to-see-featured-in-woo-in-the-future-
What Are You Sending For The WOO Secret Santa?@stekenehttps://www.reverio.io/question/stekene/what-are-you-sending-for-the-woo-secret-santa--
What Do You Think Of WOO? Will Traders Think Of This Token As Another Tool For Speculation In The Coming Months?@rzc24-nftbbghttps://www.reverio.io/question/rzc24-nftbbg/what-do-you-think-of-woo--will-traders-think-of-this-token-as-another-tool-for-speculation-in-the-coming-months--
What Are Mining Points? Are They WOO Tokens?@rzc24-nftbbghttps://www.reverio.io/question/rzc24-nftbbg/what-are-mining-points--are-they-woo-tokens--
How Many Active Players Will Be Playing WOO Regularly For The First 1-3 Months After Launched?@dewabratahttps://www.reverio.io/question/dewabrata/how-many-active-players-will-be-playing-woo-regularly-for-the-first-1-3-months-after-launched--
How Is The Weight Of NFT Mining Calculated In WOO?@florakesehttps://www.reverio.io/question/florakese/how-is-the-weight-of-nft-mining-calculated-in-woo-



With Which Wrestling Video Game You Had Most Fun?@liberthttps://www.reverio.io/question/libert/with-which-wrestling-video-game-you-had-most-fun--
What Is The Greatest Wrestling Event/Match In The History Of The WWE?@mmead28https://www.reverio.io/question/mmead28/what-is-the-greatest-wrestling-event-match-in-the-history-of-the-wwe--
Which Wrestler Has The Best Gimmick?@stekenehttps://www.reverio.io/question/stekene/which-wrestler-has-the-best-gimmick--
Who Is The Biggest Upcoming Wrestling Talent?@stekenehttps://www.reverio.io/question/stekene/who-is-the-biggest-upcoming-wrestling-talent--talent-
Who Is Your Favourite Wrestler Of All Time?@tobias-ghttps://www.reverio.io/question/tobias-g/lvdctbl

Perry Saturn


What Is Perry's Most Legendary Match?@stekenehttps://www.reverio.io/question/stekene/what-is-perry-s-most-legendary-match--

Sonny Onoo


No Questions AskedN/AN/A

Each of the questions above has a chance to share the 200,000 WOO prize fund, but there's still plenty of time to get involved with the giveaway as it's running until the end of December and you can find more information about it the rules and prizes below.


To take part you simply need to either ask or answer questions on Reverio with the following spaces:

  1. Wrestling (https://www.reverio.io/topics/wrestling)
  2. Wrestling Organisation Online (https://www.reverio.io/topics/wrestling%20organisation%20online)
  3. Sonny Onoo (https://www.reverio.io/topics/sonny%20onoo)
  4. Perry Saturn (https://www.reverio.io/topics/perry%20saturn)

If you haven't used Reverio before you read through our guide on how to ask questions here:


The competition will run until December 31st with all questions and answers being eligible if made during that time frame and made with the supported spaces.


The following prizes will be available during the event in each of the spaces listed below:

WrestlingTop Question10,000 WOO
WrestlingTop Answer10,000 WOO
Wrestling Organisation OnlineTop Question10,000 WOO
Wrestling Organisation OnlineTop Answer10,000 WOO
Perry SaturnTop Question10,000 WOO
Sonny OnooTop Question10,000 WOO

The remaining 140,000 WOO will be distributed through a raffle where each question and answer asked equals one ticket. There will be a total of 50 winners within the raffle for a prize of 2800 WOO per win. Please note: You can win multiple times during the draw.

If you have any questions surrounding the competition or anything else related to Reverio, drop a comment below and we'd be happy to help 👍

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