Hey Boy!

"Hey boy! Come over here."

I heard a voice whisper to me as I was walking home. Part of me wanted to run, the other part in of me was scared of getting shot if I run. I walked to the corner and was my met with a lady who was Stark naked.

"What year is this?" She asked.


I replied shaking like a leaf.

"It worked!" She whispered to herself. "Hey boy, would you like to earn some money? I'm freezing out here, what do you say you lend me your jacket and be my guide through the city."

I stood there speechless, counting my toes trying to avoid her eyes.

"C'mon don't be scared, I don't bite. Do this for me, and I'll pay you 100$ every hour."

She is definitely bluffing, I said to myself. Nobody is that rich around here to give out such money every hour. Besides only a handful of people have seen the 100$ bill.

"Starting now." She continued as she brought out a 100$ bill and placed it in my hands.

el Origen

"Now your jacket, I'm freezing to death here."


Something is not right here. Well I might as well collect the money and escape at the slightest opportunity. I said to myself as I took off my jacket and handed it over to her. She asked me to take her to the boutique to purchase a better outfit. As we walked out of the boutique she said to me.

"I need you to take me to the rulers of this country."

I couldn't help laughing out loud.

"Ma'am it seems you are not from around here, you can't just walk up to the rulers without having an appointment with them"

"Take me to them and let me bother about the rest."

"It is a very long walk to the capital. I don't own a bicycle and I don't have enough energy left in me for that long trek."

" I'll increase the money to 200$ every hour, I'll carry you on my shoulders if I have to. Just get me there!"

I don't know who this crazy lady is, but I think she is going to make me a millionaire. I mean if this keeps up for the whole day, I might be walking away with about 4800$. I was determined to stick with her till the end.


After five hours of walking under the sun, with over 1000$ in my pocket, we finally arrived at the capital.

"I don't know how you plan to do it ma'am. But this is the capital and that tallest building right there is where our leaders gather daily. Those ugly looking guards would never let you pass through."

"Leave that to me. Follow closely, I still need your help."

It's not like I had a choice. She walked up to the guards screaming like a mad woman and creating a scene. She stated why she wanted to to see the leaders, but the guards wouldn't hear out. Until she screamed.

"There is a bomb in this building and it will go off in a few minutes if you don't let me go up there."

With that the guards paused for a minute and looked at each other. They were certainly not ready to die, therefore they led the Lady to the rulers.

"Sirs, this woman claims that there is a bomb in this building."

The leaders looked startled, some of them jumped off their seat ready to exit the building then the woman spoke almost laughing.

"Actually, there's no bomb but there's something more dangerous than a bomb about to happen."

"How dare you come in here and make jokes. Guards have this woman locked up."

"Let's hear her out first." Another leader said.

"That is wise of you", he woman continued. "You cannot trust the foreigners who are about to come to your land in their big ships."

"It's a bit too late for that, they are here already." One of the leaders said pointing to the window as the big ships arrived at the shores of the capital.

"Besides who is leaking such confidential information to you?"

"I came from the future to warn you about the foreigners, You can't trust them."

"Now that is insane. From the future?" The leaders said laughing. "The foreigners are here to make our lives better."

"No they are certainly not" I said as I leaned on the window.

el Origen

"THEY ARE HERE to exploit your resources.
THEY ARE HERE to enslave you all.
THEY ARE HERE to sell your children across the ocean.
THEY ARE HERE to force your sons into their army.
THEY ARE HERE to force your daughters into prostitution."

"These are outrageous accusations. You have no prove of this."

"Welcome them now, and your race shall forever be slaves and discriminated in the future. Where I come from my race, your race, we are killed on daily basis by the authority and no one is doing anything about it. The only way to stop this is to refuse any help from them and show them that you can stand on your own."



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