Monday Mission - Project "P"

Been long since I've joined @qurator's Monday Mission, and this week's theme is pretty cool! Six photos, with the letter P. Check the original post here!

Most of my posts are about photography, wildlife, and travelling; so, for my entry to this week's mission, a mashup of those three subjects seems the perfect way to join the fun! Starting with a location that is dear in my heart, especially with all that is currently going on. Right in...

Piazza del Duomo, in Milan, Italy.


This was in the last days of 2019, where no one had heard of Covid19, and hundreds of people gathered at the beautiful square and admired the cathedral and the huge Christmas tree. I hope the situation solves soon and that square ccan have its human frame back!

Italy gave me other good memories, and on my last day in Lake Como, the lunch was epic. Not only it was delicious... but it was probably the biggest individual sized Pizza Iยดve seen!


And on a far far country, other memories with the letter P came to my mind. Like the time when I visited... Penang!


Penang, in Malaysia, is know for the amazing street art. Works like this one were made by a lithuanian artist called Ernest Zacharevic, combining painting and objects in a sublime way.

But works of art aren't only made by man. Roaming in a beach in Ao Nang, Thailand... a multitude of sand Pebbles were scattered along the beach!


I had to do some search to find out what these were. And the guilty ones? Crabs! Feeding and leaving these tiny pebbles behind, creating this funny setting.

For the last two Ps? Well, there had to be some wildlife in this post. And who doesn't know the beautiful male indian Peacock?


This one was posing in a bird Park, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Although a male peacock in full display is always a joy to the eyes, my prefered way to see birds is in the wild; so, for the last photo... this cutie:


A Great Kiskadee, perching somewhere in Costa Rica. You're probably wondering "Hey!! Where is the P in Kiskadee??" And true, no P there. But the scientific name of the Great Kiskadee is... Pitangus sulphuratus!

So here you go! Thanks for the challenge @qurator... and mission accomplished! ๐Ÿ™‚


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