Dapp development with Quasar framework


Being curious about the technological advancements and getting exited about learning new languages is beneficial, when outdoor activities are highly restricted. The blockchain technology is still in its infancy, even we have great social media solutions and such.

Building scalable platforms lead to Hive somewhat a year ago, which had brought up new ideas, on how to organize decentralized storage and community activities. So the platform is basically non-censorable, and with the new frameworks and tools to make the program to work in almost any device, imagination is the limit here.


Quasar v2 is based on one of the most advanced development languages Vue 3, with a big plus of not being run by a multinational corporation. Making an mobile app or even an online operating system is pretty simple to create with a few commands.

Another awesome tool is Codepen, where one can see the changes instantly and add any repository from Github, for example. There are great inspirational works to be seen from skilled coders, anything can be forked and made suitable for own needs, which is how the human systems should work in the first place.

Many of the Quasar documentation examples can be easily opened in Codepen by clicking on the logo on the editor window, or copying and pasting. Also there is minimal need for CSS code, which is pretty rare in web apps. The libraries already have the definitions, just need to use a simple command, like <q-badge> and make it look and feel personal with minimal typing.


Anything from animations, shadows and transitions are built-in and developer tools work like charm. Surprisingly easy to learn, and feels like PHP is like a wooden stick and Vue.js is a lightsaber. No need to repeat the same lines of code, when one can just call the actions with logical and simple commands.

Getting started can be a bit challenging, there are many different versions working with a bit different logic, so copying code without adding the </q-item> or similar on the end results in errors. Also the missing , has been the most usual problem personally.

The next step is to combine cat theme, NFTs, esoteric knowledge, production tools and social aspects in one universal decentralized app. Making doodles is fun, but combining them into a larger project is an adventure in itself.

Getting started is easy, after registering you can fork a template as a base and develop on top of that, call for old work from different pens etc. For a few weeks, coding on the fly starts to become easier, since the logic actually makes a lot of sense.

Any questions and recommendations are welcome, always wanna surf the freshest waves of coding, since the men with dark armour makes going outside unpleasant.

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