Reflections - Energy goes where attention flows


Wherever we put our attention is where consciousness expands.

Nature, although part of the origin of consciousness, is not inherently core.

If we move into a reality that is virtual, that which we place our attention in within the moment becomes the focus of the moment. In this action it becomes the totality of who we are.

In this, we can be who we are in any circumstance or environment because the setting for our identity is just a picture.

It's why I can meditate on the sound of a bathroom fan while sitting in the bath and achieve gnosis. Or find discipline within playing a video game.

Neither action is 'natural' per se but it is the focus. And seen interdimensionally the presence within what we do has more relevance than the circumstance within which we do it.

If you fear losing yourself in a world that is changing so rapidly - it is obvious, you never found yourself.

We are focus. We are attention and this is energy.

Welcome to reality.

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