Which Blockchain attracted the most developers the past 12m?

Hello HODLers,

In case you missed it, a very important report was released recently focused on the developing activity and the number of developers trends. It has been a good year for some of the most active blockchains.


This is based on the report Blockchain Development Trends, June 2020 to 2021 by Outlier Ventures

June 2020 - June 2021 total number of commits


Total number of commits has 1.3% over the 12 months period.


Blockchains with the most commits



All of the blockchains mentioned in the Top commit ranking have performed extremely well over the 12 months analyzed. I believe this kind of data can help inestors to pick winning blockchains and be sure that work is being done to grow the ecosystem

On the other side we can some old blockchains declining in terms of commits


Some of these have almost died out and some others are still holding on and maybe regrouping in order to attract more developers in the future.

This report is very nicely written and a must read for developers to understand which blockchains are hot right now and where they should focus their attention.

They are also looking at the entire DeFi space using the same metrics but I thought I would let you discover this part of the report. Spoiler, DeFi did play a major role over the past 12 months.

Stay safe out there,

Source: Blockchain Development Trends, June 2020 to 2021 by Outlier Ventures


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