What is the total Splinterlands cards marketcap? Next move: Up or down?

Hello HODLers and Summoners,

Yesterday, I looked at the SPS token, the Splinterlands future governance token and its diluted marketcap at the current price.: What is the actual Market Cap of Splintershards?


Today, I wanted to check out the Splinterlands Cards Marketcap and so I went to their discord to use the !marketcap control in order to pull out the result.


10x from June, not bad !


It is now around $200mn and it has been kind of stabilizing around this number.

In the current world of Crypto we seem to think $200mn is nothing but it is quite a sizable company market cap in the equity world.

The entire HIVE blockchain is currently valued at $284mn AFTER the recent pump.


I have read a few writers mention that they have been selling their cards ahead of the new cards extension, worrying that this inflow of new cards might bring prices down.

Notably this one from @tarazkp called: Giving up on Splinterlands

It hasn't been the case until know even if price have been retreated a little bit over the past 48 hours.

And I know many new players have been signing up to buy the Spellbook and start farming some cards/DEC but these players are for the majority from low income countries and since you can make up the 10$ paid for the spellbook in c.15 days, it makes sense for them to farm DEC and maybe get lucky.

I have created an account recently and have already collected 2.2k DEC (got lucky) and had some cards dropped. My total rewards are probably c.20-25$ playing inconsistenly.

I do not have time to farm for such low payout but I imagine this kind of return for many countries and with many accounts do make sense and could have some sell pressure on the overall price of cards.

So I truly hope prices continue to go up, but I would warn players with huge stakes to beware of falling prices.

In this mini-serie I am writing we have:

  • SPS diluted Marketcap: $1.1bn
  • Splinterlands Cards MktCap; $200mn

Stay safe out there and keep loving your journey !


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