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Hello, and good day everybody, today we will mostly be talking about saving and showing you guys the power of compound saving. Today is the 2nd of January, what if i told you you could save £/$667.95 by the 1st of Jan next year without making any sacrifices to your budget. You'd think, how can i do that? Maybe your thinking there is some work involved are I'm just trying to trick you into buying SPI tokens. None of that going on and you are already aware by the thumbnail picture that this is a penny a day challenge.

I have personally done this for 2 years in the past and always end up with over £1000. It is a method of saving money and has been around for a very long time and works really well. With my 1st years savings, which came to £1300, i bought an oz of Gold and got the 2 kids a 1/2 sovereign each for their stacks. The second year, i saved £1050 and spent half on silver and blew the rest on clothes and stuff for the house. I am going to call the SPinvest version with the well thought challenge name of the........


How to save $ 667.95 in 365 days

This year is a leap year, so this challenge will end on the 1st of January 2021.

There is not much to it. Starting on day 1, you save 1p, on day 2, you save 2p, day 3, you save 3p and so on until you reach day 365 and you save $3.65. You can use the sheet below to track your progress. To print this sheet, right-click over the sheet, save image as (to somewhere you remember) and then print it out. Printing out the sheet is the hardest part of the challenge so don't be lazy.

By starting at 1 penny and compound saving by adding 1 penny to the last day's amount, we can see that it really adds up very quickly into hundreds of dollars. Letting your kids, grandkids are even your spouse get involved with yours can help to learn them about the power of compound saving. It might inspire them to try it for themselves. The penny a day challenge is set up to encourage savings while not getting in the way of your budget that much.

If you have no access to a printer, you can always make an easy spreadsheet to mark your progress but i would think most people will have access to a printer through a family member are a friend. Ticking off the sheet every day with a marker is much more satisfying compared with changing the colour of a cell on a spreadsheet is.


Have a Plan

If you are interested and something like this is right up your street, have a plan in place and by a plan, i mean to have something in mind that you can spend the money on. This is your motivation and your drive to follow through and keeping doing it every day. My 1st-year target was to get an oz of gold. I never had a full oz piece before and this was a really good target for me. For you, it could be to save toward a holiday, new car, to pay off a heavy CC bill after Christmas, invest into other things like metals, stock, funds.
So the plan is, have something in mind to do with the money when your finished.

Adding your own touch

A lot of people that take this challenge on will add a few extra rules in an effort to add a few extra pence every now and then. From example, some people start at $1.01 on day 1 and then $1.02 on day 2 and so on. This results in an extra $365 being saved. Others might just add in $1 a day for the first 100 days and then move to $2 a day for the next 100 days. Most people will just empty thier pocket change into the saving jar be it 20 cents are $2.67 and marked off that day.

My Way
I add in all pocket change from day 1 until day 140ish. From this time i start adding in £20 a week and marking 7 days off at a time. By around day 260 i move to £10 every 3 days and then i do the last 40ish days £10 every 2 days. I like to save notes as it makes the cash out less painful

I have 1 additional rule where i add an every £2 i get throughout the year

Last piece of Advice

Have a special saving jar to use and give it a name. I have a big Jagermeister tin i got with a 1ltr bottle and it's perfect for me. It has an inside cardboard shelve that i can slide notes into while using the main tin for coins. This flattens the notes out perfectly over the months they stay there. I call my tin Bert and he is hungry for my change.

Past results

This shot below is for my first complete penny challenge. You can see i started on in September 2016. It's a pity that we can not see how many £2's and plastic £5 notes i saved for the year. Point is look at my tin, Bert, he's epic. I seen people use those 1-time use tins were you have to open them like a tin of baked beans when you finished. I'd rather have one i can use year in and year out.
And here our the plastic £5's i saved through the year. These plastic £5 notes were released halfway through the year in the UK and i decided to collect all the new plastic notes i got for the rest of the year. I wish i remember how much is here.

Get FREE SPI tokens!!!!

To anyone that takes this challenge on, i will give 5 free SPI tokens to anyone that uploads a picture of their printed out "365 DAY SAVING MONEY CHALLENGE" sheet including there steemit username wrote at the bottom.

This offer will last until this post pay outs and is limited to the first 20 people that upload a picture into the comments below


Below are steemconnect hotlinks that allow investors to buy SPI tokens directly from @spinvest. Each token is currently priced at 1.00 STEEM and beside each link is the true STEEM cost to reduce confusion. You can also send any amount directly to @spinvest and i will issue you SPI tokens to 2 decimal places for the value of STEEM to send. All tokens bought directly will be sent to investors SE wallets within 24 hours but most likely much sooner.
5 SPI tokens - 5 STEEM
10 SPI tokens - 10 STEEM
25 SPI tokens - 25 STEEM
50 SPI tokens - 50 STEEM
100 SPI tokens - 100 STEEM
250 SPI tokens - 250 STEEM
500 SPI tokens - 500 STEEM
1000 SPI tokens - 1000 STEEM
2500 SPI tokens - 2500 STEEM



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