Skuration - 1UP Delegation Report - #1

Delegation Report 1.gif

With oneup I am working on voting more from the front end but it is hard as ecency is always easy to use so I use the tag most times. I am voting lots of content with 40% but I notice I don't come close to using my full power.

Oneup Delegation -
Total Liquid - 355
Liquid Paid to Delegators - 88.75
Liquid Powered Up - 88.75
Liquid Sold For Swap.hive - 71
Liquid Added To Swap Pool - 71
Liquid Sold For Giveaways - 35.5

AccountDelegationWeekly PaymentTotal Payment-
servelle383 ONEUP6.2397%
skylinebuds2163 ONEUP388,443%
chuiiiiiiii500 ONEUP8.810%
nyinyiwin750 ONEUP13.315%
skybuds-gaming975 ONEUP16.819%
allonyx.ngs158.8Below Payout Min-
bilpcoinbpc5 ONEUPBelow Payout Min-

Delegation Min For Payout - 250

Effective Oneup Power -


I am working on the voting patterns to maximize curation rewards, This is hard for one as leodex doesn't have multiplayer changes for it, With the power, we have a total of 6,580 which will allow voting of about 2.5 at the full vote.

Pool Position -


I have completely moved around the oneup pool to now be in the PIZZA:ONEUP. I thought it was best as I am working towards the 5000 pizza so I think I will stake what I get till I hit that point and re-look at this pool. So I will keep staking oneup along with pizza while earning 100%+ APR,


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