ULOG 108 - Thyme Macro Photography

ULOG 108 - Thyme Macro Photography

One good thing about rainy days is that the overcast sky makes some very good light for photography. The clouds are acting like a huge softbox softening the light. Spring is also a good time of the year for taking shots in the garden as the leaves are young and plants are flowering.

Macro photograph of thyme leaves and flowers

I noticed my thyme started flowering and I wanted to see how they would look like close up. So I went and took my macro lenses for the iPhone 8 Plus and spent half an hour taking some pictures.

One little tip with photography is, if it does not look good and looks busy, make one step closer. This is the case here with a bush of thyme, the leaves are so tiny that can makes the image busy and lacking of interest unless showing the context.

The following shot looks better but the background is distracting due to the contrast between dark and bright areas and the lens and camera quality makes a less smooth blur.

Macro photograph of thyme leaves and flowers

So I moved around to find a better angle so to make the foreground subject stand out.

Macro photograph of thyme leaves and flowers

Macro photograph of thyme leaves and flowers

Macro photograph of thyme leaves and flowers

What I like with macro-photography is that it offers another point of view to our surroundings. Even a simple bunch of thyme can look very nice when looked at it closed up.

That texture on the leaves, those details in the flowers are totally gone unnoticed until you care to get closer to have a better look at them. Big of small, Nature is full of beauty for those who know where to look at.

In between rain showers, the sun sometimes show up casting some light and shadows.

Macro photograph of thyme leaves and flowers

Next time you wander around your garden, your backyard or during a walk in the wood, try to spot those little marvels of Nature and get closer.

Macro photograph of thyme leaves and flowers

Macro photograph of thyme leaves and flowers

Thyme is a very popular herb used for cooking and its medicinal properties but it is also a very nice plant to look at if you pay attention to it 😊

Macro photograph of thyme leaves and flowers

Macro photograph of thyme leaves and flowers

After the Thyme photoshoot, I went around to check on my plants. The Sage is growing well and also flowered:


The lime is now fruiting, I will need to feed it accordingly.

Lime small fruits

And finally, I harvested more Mulberry, which with the ones I froze few days ago, was enough to top-up the previous jar of jam and a second one. We didn't waste time and already started having some for breakfast 😜


Mulerry Jame

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