Odessa - The Pearl of the Black Sea

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Odessa - The Pearl of the Black Sea

Odessa is a hero city, the capital of world humor. They are always joking here. Here people rest in body and soul. Coming out of a train car or descending from an airplane ladder, we find ourselves in a different world. First of all, we note that we are met by the beautiful Railway Station. It is restored and attracts with its beauty.

Railway station of the city of Odessa

Aprons, the building itself attracts the eye. As soon as we go outside the gates of the Railway Station, we are immediately greeted by a beautiful city, with its cheerful inhabitants. Despite the fact that the city is not very ancient, it has become an adornment not only of Ukraine, but of the whole world.

Odessa is in our heart

Odessa is sung in various works, poems, paintings and songs. The Pearl of Ukraine has many twin cities.

Odessa is a unique city of the World

It is worth noting that the city of Odessa is not only in Ukraine, but also in America. Let's remember a city located in the west-central part of Texas. There is the city of Odessa (Odessa). This is the district center of Hector County. True, unlike Ukrainian Odessa, only 110 thousand people live there. At the same time, more than one million people live in Ukrainian Odessa.

Odessa is the world capital of humor

When you come to Odessa, many legendary figures are immediately remembered. These are: Deribas, Reshill, Utesov, Teddy Bear Jap, Sonya Golden Pen and so on. You can talk about the legendary representatives of the city for hours, days and years.

Ukrainian Odessa - sister city of the Odessa city of Odessa

The city itself is washed by the beautiful Black Sea, which in the Ottoman Empire was called "Pont Euxinus." In some annals the name “Khazar Sea” is mentioned. Here, from ancient times, Greeks, Turks, Ukrainians, Russians and other nationalities lived.

We invite everyone to visit us, in the city of Odessa, Ukraine

Well, that's all for now. After a short tour of the city and its history, you will need to detail the story. We will talk about different parts of not only Odessa, but also the Odessa region. Do not forget to follow our channel.

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