LeoGlossary: Reddit

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Reddit is a moderated social media sharing platform founded by Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian and Aaron Swartz but was acquired by Condé Nast Publications in 2006.

It is where registered users (referred to as Redditors) share contents including but not limited to links, text posts, questions, images or videos. Posts can be commented on and voted up or down by other members. The most upvoted posts are considered popular and they are placed high on the page giving them more visibility.

The posts are categorized according to their subjects and grouped or divided into smaller communities called "subreddits." These communities are moderated by Reddit administrators and also by community moderators.

The platform has over 330 million monthly active users.

Reddit is accessible on desktop browsers and also has an app available on Google Play. To register, one needs an email address.


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