LeoGlossary: PeakMonsters

SplinterGlossary: PeakMonsters

PeakMonsters is one of the oldest, highly useful 3rd party applications focused on Splinterlands.

As the name suggests, it has been developed by the same team behind the well-known PeakD interface on Hive, namely @ asgarth and @ jarvie.

Just like the PeakD interface, PeakMonsters offers a ton of options. Most people will never use all of them, but they are good to have because different people have different needs or types of usage.

The main focus of PeakMonsters is:

But besides them, PeakMosters also provides different types of exploring, historical information, stats, and tools.

In every area of its focus, PeakMonsters provides better, more complete options than the base in-game interface, and in many cases, than the competition. Regarding competition, there are other 3rd party websites that take different approaches, and once one becomes well-acquainted with the Splinterlands ecosystem, it's best to check different alternatives, to see what suits better for what purpose one has.

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