LeoGlossary: Attack Accuracy

SplinterGlossary: Attack Accuracy

The ratio of successful attacks to misses from an attacker on a certain target is called attack accuracy. It is presented as a percent.

For example, if monster A attacks monster B, hits it 3 times, and misses 1 time, it has an attack accuracy of 75%.

Attack accuracy generally makes sense for Melee and Range attackers, because they can miss. If the target has the Phase ability, then Magic attackers can miss too, and their accuracy can be lower than 100%.

Attack accuracy can be influenced by the speed differential between monsters (10% per speed unit gap), and also by abilities.

The higher the speed gap, the higher the chance of a miss if the attacker is the slowest monster. At the same time, if the attacker is the quickest monster, the attack has a higher chance to hit the target. In the reverse speed ruleset, things are the exact opposite.

Attack accuracy is also influenced by these abilities:

  • Phase - makes Magic miss the same way as Melee or Range
  • Flying - +25% change of evading (only if the attacker isn't flying)
  • Dodge - +25% chance of evading
  • Blind - +15% chance of evading
  • Snare - monsters with Snare ability hit monsters with Flying 100% of the time; Snare also removes Flying ability from the target monster, but the monster with Snare will still hit it 100% of the time.
  • True Strike - a monster with True Strike ability is guaranteed to hit the target (Aim True ruleset gives this ability to all monsters)

See also Attack Type.


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