Splinterlands Art Contest Week 269! " Pochita"

Hello everyone!

I welcome you all to Splinterland art contest week 269. Last week contest was a huge one as I despicted anime from Assassination Classroom.

So today with that spirit I decided to dispict pochita a character from Chainsaw man manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Pochita is also known as Sukuna finger. Pochita is a powerful cursed object that contains remnants of ryomen Sukuna. Pochita has the form of a small dog. Pochita act as a lovable companion to Yuji as well as a source of power.

He has four arms and a chainsaw protruding from each, then with another chainsaw coming from the front of his head .

I made this this with Autodesk sketchbook using my usual drawing procedures. I first drew the body outline with line drawing tool.

The process still continues as I added the chainsaw on his head and drew the legs and the tail. Then drew the eyes, I adjusted it's eye balls and made look upward position.

To come out perfectly with his body color, I choose orange and brown color and then do the blending for the color to come out very well .

Drawing steps

Final step

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