Surfer 1.0.10 update brings post history view & activities popover


Hurray! It's time for next release of our desktop client for Steem! We had been working on post history revisions feature for last couple weeks because we had to improve our eSync database to prefetch all the history states for each post in blockchain and then we had to wait till it will sync and help us version each post edits.

Edit History

Now you can see and check previous post versions. If there are any you will see this icon metaphora showing clock ticking back in time. Just click on it and you will reveal the history.


Sometimes it could be really useful to check or prove something. For example let's make one of the usual spammers famous right now. He was copying articles from drifferent internet resources posting in his blog expecting to earn.


We've asked him to remove stolen content and he started to edit his new posts so we could demonstrate our new function. At least he has done something useful for the community right now.


Version 4 shows current post edition but if you will switch to Version 1 you will see stolen content. Please don't punish him because he already promised to play on a good side. Lets see.


Activities Popover

Now you can see recent notifications in a popup window without closing changin current window. Quick access feature useful, right?


What is eSteem Surfer

In case you are seeing my blog for the first time...

It's a desktop client you can use on Windows, Mac or Linux to surf your steem friends feed/trending/hot/etc pages, upvote, comment, read replies, do all the other major Steem related stuff in your daily social surfing as well as wallet actions and of course few extras: search, discover different tags etc.


What's New in Surfer 1.0.10 Release

  • New Activities Popover
  • New Post History
  • Improved Drafts list image, title and texts are clickable now
  • Fixed Deeplinking

Download Now

exe file for Windows users
dmg file for Mac users
deb and rpm files for Linux users

Source code:
Report bugs:


Looking for mobile experience?

Check eSteem Mobile for iOS and Android with push notifications, bookmarks, favorites and other handy functions synced with desktop version.

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