POV: Steem vs Dash

We all know by now power of marketing. Last couple weeks shown us what Dash has achieved by marketing and speculative hype. In this post, I will try to give my short opinion about Dash and Steem in respect to the technology and future perspective.

Differences :

  • Dash has 2.5 mins block time while Steem has 3 secs block time, it is pretty fast and instant isn't it!?
  • Dash transactions have fee while Steem has none. I suspect Dash will come to the point where Bitcoin is now! Small transactions will cost higher than amount itself.
  • Dash has masternodes, no-one knows how many of them owned by founders while Steem has delegates (witnesses) elected by community, more transparent.
  • Dash is working on evolution where they introduce usernames, savings accounts, marketplace, etc. while Steem already has usernames and savings account, many more.
  • Dash has private send which is simple coin-mixing service which gives user some privacy (not complete privacy though), while Steem can implement Stealth transactions which I think, would be indisputable when that happens.
  • Dash is working on DAPI, while Steem already has DAPI, you can already access it using numerous libraries written in python, javascript, ruby, go-lang, etc.
  • Dash has self-governing model while Steem also offers that but with much more decentralized way. Crowd makes decision which project posts/updates gets rewarded and contribute for the future of platform. In recent article, @charlieshrem talks about self-governing where masternodes decide fund allocation but imho Steem has wider crowd to make better decisions and of course platform is evolving to learn new ways and exploring options, improving governance structure of the platform.
  • Steem has even more, built-in social network, communities, escrow transactions, extendable custom operations, etc. which is much more engaging and grandma friendly...well, getting there :)


With marketing effort we can show and educate people what Steem has to offer and its future potential. Community is big enough to do marketing decentralized way. Let's us do marketing of Steem, use #steem-features tag to highlight what features you like most and you are excited about and future potentials. If you are designer do some infographics, if you are vlogger do videos which we all can use to promote Steem...

Steem on!

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