Becoming Puma, From Splinterlands To LeoFinance

Let's start this story with an exciting screen capture of Splinterlands Last season's rewards.

As I said before, I am practically divorced from Splinterlands and play just enough to get some rewards.

Before opening the chests I promised myself that I'll put all received cards on the market for sale. Sand Worm is a good card and I like it a lot. Yet, a promise is a promise!

So here they are, among other cards that I am selling at the moment.

Barking Spider, level 4, BCX 59, for $0.88

Add one card and you have a level 5 Spider. Grab it!

Sand Worm, level 3, BCX 18, for $0.90

Undead Rexx, level 4, BCX 56, for $0.84

Fineas Rage, level 2, BCX 8, for $0.41

These cards are on sale

Gold Foil

Normal Foil

Selling DEC, buying LEO

During my Summit 3300 series one of the channels was selling DEC from the cards to BTC. Now I changed the tactic and am converting Hive-Engine tokens to LEO. I keep them in the ecosystem, you could say.

Like this.

Along with other converted Hive-Engine tokens now I have 54 SWAP.HIVE to buy LEO with.

@leofinance team, it would be great when LeoDex could automatically fill in the max amount available to buy. A hint :)

Becoming Puma

Staking the newly acquired LEO tokens ...


I need 812 LEO tokens staked to reach the Puma status, isn't it so?

301.28 / 812 = 0.37

One third covered, great!


Links marked with * are affiliate links. If you use one of them to join an offering we can both gain. Again, the decision is yours. Yet, you can trust me that I only promote what I use.

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