🤡April Fools🤣 + How PIMP Tokens Work & Some Sexy Ass Silver Porn!😍


Today is my birthday! So if you see this post, do your part in helping it reach beyond $1000! That would be absolutely amazing. I mean, I see comments and other things hitting $1500, so why not? I would feel so loved!

So, I've been asked multiple times about how PIMP works and the 'top 50' and how delegations tie into it and looking back through posts, I haven't made it clear on all the things involved with how we operate. I invite anyone and everyone now, that wants to learn, to join us in the Castle and find The PIMP District where we have meetings every Wednesday at 9 am CST and can answer any questions you may have.

Ways To Acquire PIMP

if you already have PIMP and want more -

  • All of the above
  • Delegate HP to @tokenpimp for a PIMPed out vote (size based on percentage of HP donated)
  • Use the PIMP slapper on a post or comment (must have 1000 PIMP staked)
  • Delegate PIMP to the @oneup-cartel's PIMP curator account
  • Curate other PIMPs

PIMP Slapper?

Yes. You have to have at least 1000 PIMP staked to make 1 call per day to tip someone 1 PIMP. To make 2 calls and tip 5 PIMP, you need to have 10,000 staked and so on and so forth. This also slaps the same amount to your own stash of tokens. See the following chart:

Current Tokens PIMP distributes:

Current Tokens on our (purposeful) HODL List:

The Fuck Does That Mean?

All the tokens on the first list, are ones we share every day with people that have the balls to stake our token. The distribution is set to the top 200 highest staked balances (after any outgoing delegations). Incoming delegations do not count towards totals for distribution. Outgoing delegations do not count toward your staked balance as you are not using it to curate any other PIMPs but letting others do it for you. And, since they are using it on your behalf without it being staked, it will not count for them either.

Some of you may notice that it doesn't reach 200 accounts yet (just reached 56 yesterday). That's because early adopters like @nathanmars and @biglove (appreciate that immensely by the way you two) have been staking them since it was created. They have a much higher percentage in the total amount of staked PIMP than even myself! Gift of the HODL. As more people acquire and stake PIMP, and our distribution center continues its pursuit of domination, it will continue to spread the wealth on to deeper levels.


The purpose of a PIMP is to get money. Yes, I love the community here, but you have to understand the realm in which you are living just by reading this. You're not on a WordPress blog. You're not on Tumblr. Or Fakebook. Or even The New York Times absorbing the media you desire - no - you're here. Here where some people use this blockchain to feed their families or fund their causes or build their dreams! So, all the profits being made by sales of PIMP from the center of operations and any other token trades, sales, swaps and earnings - are going right back into it compounding everything we can.

I often say we because I couldn't do any of this without any of you - the community. So, here, in this space, money and your network go hand in hand like a happily married couple fresh off to their honeymoon. The only difference between PIMP and others is - we want to DOMINATE. Will we? It is yet to be proven otherwise and I'm not one to give up very easily.

Some Sexy Ass Silver Porn


@thesilverpimp has officially arrived! Picked these up off of eBay for probably more than I should have, but the novelty? Just couldn't say no. These next few shots are birthday presents to myself. Because I can. Because I wanted to. Because, well, maybe it would make more sense like this:

Got me droolin ain't tryna fool ya
Silver D will have to straight school ya
Got #stackitus from The Damus
Shit was like 'BOOYAH!'
Now I never look back
Just adding more sexy to the stak
Keep those ass and titties comin'
@thecryptopimp like it like that
I fucking love that shine
She make my dick hard
Then I gotsta make her mine
Keep fidgeting
Like all the goddam time
Til my nurse Raven
Explains I'm gonna be just fine
So I continue to caress em
Knowing I'm blameless
Saffi with the PIMP hand
Gonna make us famous
Got my tooth speaking truths
Fat shiny staks are shameless
Hellz ya mowfukkaz
We Finney go back to Vegas



So ya, happy birthday to me! I hope you understand what I'm trying to accomplish with PIMP. I also hope you got your rocks off with that last installment of #silverporn! Juicy, ain't it? While you all start working on making your PIMP hands strong, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even while savoring a little pussy.

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