The Inkwell Fiction Prompt #20: Summer Camp


We all have experienced the joy that comes from a day off from the house. That lovely moment when you don't have to go to school, do house chores. Just go out and have fun with friends, more like a vacation or picnic. But this is even more better, THE SUMMER CAMP!!.

As a young child in my childhood days, I have always wished to go for summer camp. My older siblings coming back and telling me about their experience even added more to my desire. I have craved for this day and now, its right before me.

Summer camp is a supervised program for children of our age, its main aim is to educate, entertain and also give us a sense of adventure. Here, in the part of the country I live in. Summer camp has always been a dream come true for many children. We enjoyed it because of the awesome activities it comes with, the games, the night stories, the movies, the heartmelting midnight melodies and of course, the burning night.

I rushed home full of excitement. The broadcast was made that my school will embark on the 5th summer camp edition. I have never been so excited like this my entire life. Finally, I will have to witness the summer camp I always fantasized on. I told my parents about it and they permitted at first, I was scared they approved it because of the little emergency issues that happened during my brother's stay in camp.

It turns out I was wrong. I went on my first summer camp and came back a happy boy. Deep down in my heart, something is making me wish we had stayed longer. It was a nice experience there, seeing lots of kids from diverse backgrounds and communities, learning a lot of things from them.

“Oh, what a wonderful experience” if I have the hands of time, I will take myself back there so I can experience this wild ambition of mine to the fullest.

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