Creative Coin Fund Investor Report: Token Airdrop to Delegators

Welcome to the Creative Coin Fund Investor Report.

Airdrop Alert! The token partnership we hinted at in recent issues of the Investor Report has come to fruition! To launch the partnership with the Writers Token (WIT), delegators to the Creative Coin Fund will receive an airdrop of WIT at a 1:1 ratio to their CCC delegations. A snapshot of delegations will be taken on December 31, with the airdrop to follow in 24 hours.

Additional Earnings! Staked WIT tokens come with additional Creative Coin earnings for investors who delegate at least 10,000 CCC to the Fund. Read our full story after the delegation report.

This week 12 investors increased the size of their delegation. Our total delegations now stand at 1,171,037 CCC from 63 delegators.

Here's our current list of delegators and the payout they received this week. Names in italics indicate those who increased their delegation this week.

InvestorCCC DelegationPayout

Thank you all!

The annual percentage rate for CCC delegations to the Fund (@cccf) is 29 percent for the month of December. If you'd like to invest with us, please review our delegation announcement post.

Market Updates

The purpose of the Creative Coin Fund is to provide the artists of Hive with a substantial CCC upvote, and to make that vote meaningful by supporting the steadily rising price of Creative Coin.

We're supporting the price of CCC with three mechanisms:

The daily market purchase is a market order for CCC of 10 to 15 Hive daily.

  • Through December 30: minimum 10 Hive

The base buy-in order is a limit order meant to establish the price support for the market. The buy-in order is updated weekly on Thursdays.

  • Current Price: .001750
  • Order Size: 70 Hive for 40,000 CCC

The daily limit order is a buy set daily at a price above the base buy-in order.

  • Current Price: .002201
  • Order Size: 11.005 Hive for 5,000 CCC

We're pleased that we were able to raise the price of our buy-in order last Thursday, as well as increase the size of that order. This week, we have 35 Hive to add to or replace our current order, and we hope to repeat last week's success.

We will receive our regular biweekly fiat contribution on December 30, which will provide Hive for the daily market purchase for the following two weeks. The size of our daily market orders will depend on the price of Hive on Thursday, when we make the conversion.

We continue to fund the daily limit order through the sale of our liquid CCC earnings and H-E token drips and earnings. We cap the daily limit order at 5,000 CCC and place it above the highest limit order on the market when we've built up enough Hive to do so.

WIT and the Creative Coin Fund

Readers of our Investor Report will recall that we hinted at a developing token partnership on a couple of occasions this month. Details of the partnership have been finalized, just in time for a New Year's launch.

Introducing the Writers Token

As stated in its whitepaper, the Writers Token (WIT) is an extra currency tip for creative writers and authors on the Hive blockchain. It is issued by the Worldbuilding Community, founded by Creative Coin Fund delegators @lacking and @oblivioncubed.

Writers can now earn the token by receiving votes from WIT stakeholders on posts that include these tags: #creativewriting; #writing; #fiction; #worldbuilding; and #creative-writing (with a hyphen).

Fund curators @cliffagreen and @jesuspsoto are WIT team members, and both have received and staked an initial distribution of WIT for curation. In addition, @cliffagreen will donate the WIT he receives in the airdrop to the Fund to stake, so be sure to include one of the WIT tags on your #creativecoin fiction and poetry!

Investors can follow @worldbuilding and join the WIT Discord to stay up to date with the latest news on the WIT token.

The WIT Airdrop

Delegators to the Creative Coin Fund will receive an airdrop of the Writers Token at a 1:1 ratio to their CCC delegation. The snapshot of @cccf delegations for the airdrop will occur on December 31 and the airdrop will occur within 24 hours of the snapshot.

We don't have a specific time for the snapshot, so it's best to delegate or increase your CCC delegation before December 31 to receive or boost your WIT airdrop.

The Airdrop is only the beginning!

The airdrop to delegators is only the launch of our token partnership. Delegators with at least 10,000 CCC delegated to the Fund will also begin to receive delegation payouts of WIT, in addition to their regular CCC payout, and they will have the opportunity to receive a second CCC payout for staked WIT!

Additional Delegation Payouts. After the initial airdrop, delegators to the Fund will continue to receive a weekly payout of WIT, if they meet a threshold of 10,000 CCC delegated to the Fund. The weekly payout will be calculated at a 1:1 ratio of CCC to WIT using the APR the Fund is paying on delegations.

So, at our current APR of 29 percent, if you have 10,000 CCC delegated to the Fund, you will receive 55.770 CCC and 55.770 WIT as a weekly delegation payout.

The WIT delegation payouts will begin the first Monday after the airdrop is complete.

Creative Coin Payout for Staked WIT. Fund delegators who meet the 10,000 CCC delegation threshold and stake their WIT will also receive a second CCC payout from the Creative Coin Fund. This payout is again calculated at a 1:1 ratio of CCC to WIT with the current APR on @cccf delegations.

The second Creative Coin payout will be made on any amount of staked WIT, but as an example, if you meet the delegation threshold and stake 10,000 WIT, you will receive a second weekly payout of 55.770 Creative Coin!

The Basics. The delegation payout structure of this new partnership can perhaps be hard to follow. Here are the basics you need to remember to receive the full investment benefit of both tokens.

1. Delegate at least 10,000 CCC to the Creative Coin Fund. Receive weekly payouts in CCC and WIT.

2. Stake any amount of WIT. Receive an additional weekly payout in CCC for that stake.

Our unique token partnership (we don't know of anything else like this on Hive!) is designed to enhance the value of both tokens, and is in line with the Fund's objective to support the steadily rising price of Creative Coin. The second token payout on @cccf delegations increases the value of staked and delegated CCC (and in theory will increase demand for CCC in the market), and the CCC payout on staked WIT creates additional incentive to hold and stake WIT.

Thank You

We'd like to extend a huge thank-you to @lacking and @oblivioncubed of the Worldbuilding Community for creating this exciting new opportunity for writers and Creative Coin investors. Through @worldbuilding, they are providing both the WIT airdrop and the WIT delegation payouts!

If you have questions about the WIT-Creative Coin Fund partnership, or the new delegation payout structure, please message @cliffagreen on Discord at cliffagreen#1444, or comment below.

And, if you are a #creativecoin writer, remember to begin adding the WIT tags to your posts so that we can curate and award your work with the new token! The tags are #creativewriting; #writing; #fiction; #worldbuilding; and #creative-writing (with a hyphen).

Thank you everyone for reading and for being a part of the Creative Coin community!


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