CATnet has finally arrived on HIVE


Happy Caturday!

Meowth and hooray, @catnet has finally migrated to HIVE


My dear CAT-lovers and CAT-hodlers, it took a little longer than expected, but finally, @catnet and the Cat Appreciation Token (CAT) have made it over to HIVE and the hive-engine side-chain.

CATtipping and the auto-staking of CATnip is already operational in the HIVE ecosystem while almost all activities on the legacy STEEM chain have been permanently retired. The kitten-bots are still sleeping, but now's a good time to bring your CATs from steem to hive and start staking some CATnip for when @cuddlekitten wakes back up here with us in the hive.


CAT-SWAP from STEEM TO HIVE is available NOW!

Cat Appreciation Tokens no longer have any effect or functionality on steem, so there's no reason to hesitate any longer with bringing your CAT over here, and it's simple, too:

  1. Transfer your steem-engine CAT to @null
  2. DONE!

Yeap, that's all you need to do! @catnet will automatically issue an equal amount of CAT to your hive-engine wallet within minutes.

Keep in mind: You should have access to the same account-name on both networks, steem and hive. As far as I know all CAT-hodlers on steem own their accounts since before the hive-fork and shouldn't have any complications with that, but in case something has happened to your keys since then or what-not, just keep that in mind.


HIVE-CAT-tipping is fully available, too.

The Cat Appreciation Token Tipping feature was still being tested back when steem started to crumble, now it has been improved and migrated over, ready to be used on hive!

If you have some CAT in your @cat.wallet, you can tip the author of any post or comment by including a simple command in a reply:

  • !CATtip x CAT
    where x needs to be a whole number that's covered by your @cat.wallet balance

You can top-up your @cat.wallet balance by sending CAT from either your hive-engine or your steem-engine wallet to @cat.wallet. If you top-up CAT from steem, the tokens will be forwarded to @null and new CAT will be issued to @cat.wallet on hive in your name.

CATnip auto-stakes in your custodial @cat.wallet just like it would in your own hive-engine wallet.

If you want to withdraw CAT from @cat.wallet back to your hive-engine wallet, you can do so at any time, just leave the appropriate command in any post or comment on hive:

  • !CATwithdraw x CAT
    again, x needs to be a whole number, CAT is not divisible.

To check your current wallet balances and to learn how much of your CAT has already automatically staked to work as CATnip you can use the following command in any post or comment:

  • ?CATbalance

Let's have some fun with Cat Appreciation Tokens on HIVE

To celebrate this lovely #Caturday and to promote some Cat Appreciation here, @fraenk will be giving out !CATtips of at least 100 CAT each to any cat-related posts shared in the comment section below or on the Caturday Discord today and tomorrow.




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