I Minted My First NFT in Less Than 3 Minutes

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Non-fungible tokens or NFT made a major buzz on the internet and took the Twitter space by storm in Q1 and Q2 of 2021. Non-fungible means unique and cannot be represented and replaced by another. Though generally built on the blockchain, it is different from fungible assets like Bitcoin, where one Bitcoin can be traded, represented, or replaced by another Bitcoin.

Digital assets are turned into NFT's through minting where it becomes part of the blockchain as a public ledger. NFT's have immutable proof of ownership with a unique identity. Transfer of ownership is also fast, seamless, and traceable. People sell and buy NFT’s in NFT marketplaces. On most marketplaces, users have to pay gas fees when trading and minting. The amount of fee varies depending on the computations required to verify transactions. The gas fees have become prohibitive for many users, hence the broader adoption of NFT.


Curate Website

Curate Project is an NFT marketplace that distinguishes itself from others by being gasless, zero fees on minting, low commission, multichain, carbon-neutral, and has a multi-use utility token. With these advantages, it was an easy decision to hop in the NFT hype through Curate.


I have shared my passion in pole dancing in Hive Ecosystem since 2018. I blog through Peakd and upload my pole training videos on 3Speak. The idea of turning some of my favorite pole shapes into NFT’s excites me so I gave it a try and minted them on Curate.


My NFT's and the Pole Shapes it was inspired from

Submitting my NFT

It took me less than 3 minutes to upload and submit my first NFT. The mobile app is user-friendly and it's easy navigating around.

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After registering, I logged in with my pin

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Go to Marketplace and Click the "+" button to add an NFT

Step 3.jpg
Type the details regarding your NFT: Title,Description, Price, etc.

Step 4.jpg
Upload Photo and Submit


BOOM! Done in less than 3 minutes! It took less than 24 hours before I received an email for the approval of my NFT.

Done, So what Now?

Media Source

I sold my first NFT after one day of listing it for 10 xcur which, by the time of writing is worth $28 or around PHP 1,400. Yeah I sold it cheap. I don't expect my work to be worth 1 ETH. It was a nice experience for me. I plan of holding the token as I am very bullish about the project and its amazing, vibrant community.

Have you minted your own NFT? If no, are you interested in giving at try? Let me know! Until next time.



Catherine Anne

I'm Catherine Anne - I love to be called by my two names but people are lazy so they call me Anne. I am a Chemical Engineer, Pole Dancer, and Crypto-Newbie squeezed into a five-foot-one human. I am excited to share pieces of myself with this community. I hope that you love this tiny space I occupy in Hive.

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