Vintage Photos - eBay Set #2b (90-93)

I made some impulse buys after getting a new scanner and picked up a bunch of slides from places like eBay a while back. These pictures span from as early as the late 1940s to as late as the early 1990s. There are many thousands of these slides. I will be scanning some from time to time and posting them here for posterity.

This set continues a batch of slides that I bought on eBay a while back. I don't have as much to go on as to the ultimate origin of these compared to the previous batch I was working on. They came to me from eBay and most likely were picked up at an estate sale by the seller. Most of them seem to be taken in the 1960s and same individuals are included in many of the photos. It looks like there are some that were taken in Miami and some that were taken in New Jersey and perhaps elsewhere. I get the impression that Miami was a vacation spot for this family. Despite the weird numbering change, this is part of the same batch of slides I have been scanning...not sure what I was trying to do with the numbering...

The first photo was processed in February 1969 and features the same couple most of the photos from this batch have focused on. Apparently it is near Christmas (probably Christmas 1968) or New Year's as I can see some Christmas decor.

The second photo was processed in November 1968 and features a backyard barbecue. There have been a number of photos in past sets at the same or similar events, both in someone's backyard and in a park.

The third photo was processed in January 1969 and i believe that this was probably a New Year's Eve (or day) dinner. The Hawaiian leis seem to have been a New Year's thing.

The last photo was processed in September 1968 and is another shot of a car being towed. There was a similar photo in another recent set. It's kind of nice because it gives an exact location. Puleio's Service Center was apparently on Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I saw was but I just looked it up and they are still in North Brunswick...with the same phone number. Their web page says they opened in 1963. I would e-mail them the photo but their website only has a phone number.

processed February 1969

processed November 1968

processed January 1969

processed September 1968

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The entire collection that has been scanned and uploaded so far can also be found here. This also includes higher resolution versions and versions with post processing.

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