Your Commodore (December 1987)

Cover of the December 1987 issue of Your Commodore

Your Commodore was a magazine dedicated to Commodore computers that was published in the U.K. While this meant mostly the Commodore 64, other Commodore 8-bit computers were covered as well. The December 1987 issue includes:


  • Data Statements - The latest Commodore related news and new releases, including The Hunt for Red October, Bizznet, a game called How To Be A Complete Bastard, Mean City, Scruples, and more.

  • I.Q. - A review of Computer Scrabble Deluxe for the Commodore 64.

  • Adventure Kit III - The third part in a series on writing adventure games. This part focuses on the various uses of objects.

  • Game of the Month - A detailed look at Moebius and the Orb of Celestial harmony from Origin.

  • Tech Troubles - Using a PET dual disk drive with a Commodore 64.

Table of Contents from the December 1987 issue of Your Commodore


  • Cardboard Five - Review of a device that allows you to connect five cartridges to the C64 and switch between them.

  • Using the Z80 Microprocessor on the C128 - An article on programming the Z80 CPU in the Commodore 128 without running CP/M.

  • Mastertronic - A look at the latest releases from Mastertronic (known for their budget games) including Spellbound, Angle Ball, Fight Nights, Motos, and more.

  • May I Interrupt? - An article on using interrupts when programming for peripherals like joysticks, light pens, etc.

Table of contents from the December 1987 issue of Your Commodore (continued)

Games and Utilities

  • Diskit 8 - A type-in utility for clearing memory.

  • Disk Manager - A type-in disk utility program that provides a menu system for loading, saving, formatting disks, renaming files, and much more.

  • Relocator - A type-in utility for relocating your programs in memory.

  • Eight Speed Scroller - A type-in demonstration program that teaches you how to scroll on the C64.

  • Typro - A type-in word processor that improves on the capabilites of the built-in word processor of the Plus/4.

Back cover of the December 1987 issue of Your Commodore

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