Nut boom!

I was born and raised in a country where along the roads, no matter where you are, you will see walnut trees.

They were planted to protect fields from weathering along with poplars.

But poplar fluff can lead to fires, and densely planted nuts are completely safe in this regard.

So there was a time when no one collected these nuts en masse they fell and rotted on the ground.

But about twenty years ago, suddenly, a walnut boom began and the walnut its kernel began to be looked at as gold.

We can say that all the nuts are collected clean.

Previously I did not know a person who would dream of having a walnut garden but now many people plant walnuts in their garden.

But personally I would not do this, since nothing grows next to a walnut we can say that it makes the soil styrile for cultivated plants.

I'm more concerned with the question of how to quietly destroy the walnut that grew between my and my neighbor's plot lol.

More precisely it is on a neighbor’s plot but in close proximity to my plot.

And over time I can make a prediction that wild walnuts may appear on my site which are very difficult to fight.

You need to read a treatise on war maybe there is an idea on how to destroy the enemy walnut lol.

By @barski

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