Is Ben Szemkus Missing?

You may not recognize his hame but he's the guy who came forward about attending a NVIXM recruiting party several tears back. He asserts that James Alefantis, Anthiney Weiner, Huma Abidine, and Stormy Daniels. He also asserts that they had a snuff video that they watched.James Alefantis in attendance only further strengthens the #pizzagate case against him in regards to being a child trafficker and molester.

Ben had taken a polygraph and it was determined he was being truthful about the facts he brought forth.

According to @IsaacKappy @BernXmas ( Twitter handles) whistleblower is missing- he came forward about attending the part where they presented a snuff film- Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedi, Stormy Daniels and James Alefantis of #pizzagate infamy.

results of polygraph document-

Isaac Kappy tweet-

My video summary-

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