Hi From Hive

A place for Hivers to say Hi to the world and tell everyone about your Hive experience

The community is for Hivers to write about their experience on Hive and pin that onto Pinmapple creating a Hi From Hive Map. As more Hivers post about it, the map will grow to show the breadth of the users around the world.

We can share the map on social media or whenever we tell people about Hive. Maybe those people are interested to see who's from their country or even home city. They can click on any pin on the map, it will take them to that Hiver's post and they can see for themselves what Hivers say about Hive. Perhaps they will join Hive after reading your Hi From Hive post.

Hi From Hive map link


- One Hi From Hive post per user please, unless you have moved around and have location specific experience

- Use the hifromhive tag

- Pin onto Pinmapple, instructions as follows

- a/ Go to https://pinmapple.com/

- b/ Click on Get Code at the top

- c/ Find your location on map and click on it

- d/ Copy the code that starts with [//] at the bottom of the screen

- e/ Paste it on your post

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