Easy packing guide, 5 Moving Day Tips

Sometimes even thinking about packing up our entire house for the move causes a large amount of stress. With all that in mind, we have created an easy packing guide for all those who want to do it right and in time.


1# Planning
Before you even start gathering packing supplies and moving boxes, you should prepare yourself. Planning is essential – so make a really good strategy. And then plan some more. Luckily, your reliable local movers can help you with that.

The biggest source of moving stress is time, or let me say – not having enough of it. You need to organize everything in advance, because everything you believe will take ten minutes is actually going to take forty, and everything you assumed will take an hour is actually going to take six. And that’s where the good organization kicks in – you need to figure out how you’re going to pack and move everything in time, without breaking the bank, your fragile antiquities, or your back.

Make your own packing guide and don’t rely on your memory. Soon you will have 200 things to remember, and believe me, you won’t. Write everything down, no matter how insignificant it seems. Put moving tasks on your calendar, and map out everything you have to do.

2# Gather packing supplies
The best way to protect your belongings when moving is to pack them in their original boxes, but if you don’t have them anymore, it is not the end of the world just yet. If you are looking to save some money, you can look for boxes in your local grocery stores. Either way, you will need lots of boxes in all the different sizes and shapes. And just when you think you got the right amount, go get some more packing supplies at Walmart for example.

Next, you will need to obtain some packing paper. Newspapers can save you some money, but dye can harm some of your belongings, so think twice before making any final decisions. Your possessions may shift while in transit, so it’s important that all items are packed with proper protection. This means adding packing peanuts to fill in the gaps between your belongings. Packing foam can also come in handy, so we strongly recommend using it for extra protection in this packing guide.
3# Start small
Give yourself some time. Focus on packing little by little, and avoid trying to tackle everything in one day. Don’t procrastinate and start packing several boxes a day. If you pace yourself, you will be more organized and the job will be less devastating. Don’t wait to get started. Start packing the stuff you know you won’t be using, such as off-season clothing, books, and decorative items. Soon, you will notice that small things quickly add up to big ones. But, be careful! Don’t make a mess in your house. Pack neatly, and avoid chaos. This is a really important rule in this packing guide if you want to avoid additional stress.

4# Declutter
While packing you will find so many things that you even forgot you have! Getting rid of this things will speed the process in so many ways – so let’s start!

Hold a garage sale and have some fun!
Donate to the ones in need.
Sell online and make some money.
Include your friends in your own packing guide by remembering to ask them if they want anything you are planning to get rid of.
Recycle or throw away some of the items.
The goal of this packing guide is to make your packing process as easy and as stress-free as possible, and getting rid of some unwanted articles will do so much for you. Believe it or not, this step will take so much of your back you won’t even believe it.

5# Packing guide for rooms
As the moving day comes closer, you will need to start packing up your rooms. And let me say this – it may become hellish if you don’t stay organized. The best way to stay up to the task is to follow your own packing guide. This means a lot of sorting, labeling, packing just the right way and – breathing. Make sure to label boxes clearly. This will provide additional clarity for you and your movers. Do one area of the room at a time. Load heavier items first and distribute weight evenly. Mark all the boxes with its content, and be specific. Also, don’t mix items from different rooms in one box. This will prevent small items from being lost and it will make the unpacking process much faster.

Some extra easy packing guide tips:

Roll up your rugs. Disassemble large furniture and bulky items that you don’t use on everyday bases. Take pictures of your electronics before you take them apart. Prepare your appliances for the move. Wrap all fragile items with some packing foam or bubble wrap.
Rolling clothes is superior to folding. Tightly rolled clothes take up less space and they are less prone to getting deep wrinkles from fold creases. Or, you can even use compression bags if you want to save some space. Make sure all liquid items are stored in plastic bags. This way, if something spills, it will not damage other things.

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