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To try to enhance the recruitment of players I have launched an introductory post that can serve to explain in a relatively brief way what is it? and who #Splinterlands is made for. Surely if you are player, you have friends who want to explain what it is and you don't know-how. Share this post I hope it helps you. The structure will be as follows:


0.- What is Splinterlands?

First of all, you will ask yourself what is it? I have a short month of gaming experience, and for me, Splinterlands is the dream of all of us who were children in the 80s and played games of Magic of Gathering at recess with classmates taken to 2021. It consists of a deckbuilding (construction of decks) with the typical elements of Magic + Neutral + Dragon in which players face quick battles of less than 3 minutes. In these battles, each player chooses a faction, decides how to spend the mana, and once the army is configured, automatic combat is executed according to the rules of the game. Which seems very simple, you will see that it has enormous depth as you play.

1.- Splinterlands P2E on the Hive blockchain - the third generation of video games

What do I mean by this? For me there are 3 basic generations of video games:

Period before smartphones (1G): I buy the title for an amount and play it on my spectrum, Pentium, Megadrive, Play ... this version is valid today. Among these titles, the main ones that I have vitiated have been Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone (Blizzard has marked my life)

Period as a result of smartphones (2G): with the evolution of communications, pay to win is born. Video games that rely on the social component and that are initially free but are based on micropayments to move faster or to improve the experience of the game. Titles in this section of which I have been able to play with less success (Clash of Clans - 6000 trophies and League of Legends - Gold)

Play to earn (3G): this concept is for me the future of video games since in a P2E it is assumed that each player must make an initial investment but that if the skill is demonstrated in the game itself, benefits can be recovered. Later in the guide, I will analyze the main profit possibilities that Splinterlands offers

So we have a current Magic the Gathering focused on online interaction between players and offering its economy. This implies that the expense we made in the second generation of video games becomes an investment that we can expand with profit.

Do we add Hive?

A super-fast blockchain is added, focused on gaming and social relations between its members. And what do I mean by it? Well, the game resources are transformed into crypto assets (I will explain how to generate them later), and that each transaction is registered in Hive itself. Besides, unlike other environments, and although Splinterlands is focused on the competitive, you will find a community focused on helping new members.

2.- Free trial version

A part of the game that is very interesting and differentiates from others is that we can test the dynamics of the game with a test account.

It is as simple as going to the Splinterlands website and choosing the area on the left where we will choose to create a free account. I leave you my referenced ID with which they will reward me if I hook you 🤖 referral link 🤖

! [welcome.GIF] ()

The mechanics of the game is very simple. As I have said, these are quick 3-minute games in which two summoners must allocate certain mana to blindly mount a battalion of creatures that will skirmish against their opponent's battalion. They exist as Fire-Water-Nature-Life-Dark-Dragon-Neutral elements. There are 3 types of damage (Ranged - Magic and Melee). Each creature has the attributes of attack, speed, defense, and health. Part of the Mana goes to a hero who commands the army and who grants an attribute bonus to his creatures. It is done. As simple as that. So cool

I leave you a starting example so that you can get an idea if the game fits:


Today Splinterlands is best enjoyed in the browser (all functionalities), although there are also mobile apps (Android and IOS).
Finally, if you are determined to jump into the Arena seriously, the initial investment will only be $ 10 and you can make it in the game's store using Google Pay.

3.- Free trial version

One of the advantages of paying for the splinterlands spell book is that because it is integrated into the Hive blockchain, a user with your nickname is created in it (in another article I will show you how to download the keys).

This means that the game itself is an entrance to the crypto world for these people who are new to this matter.


Ranked Match: each ranked match you make and win will generate a value of DEC - Dark Energy Crystal (the in-game currency token). DEC is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges (and very up lately) and with it, you can carry out all transactions within the game.

Daily missions: every day you are assigned a mission, and by completing it you can earn DEC, Credits (a stable currency equal to the dollar), Cards (each card is an NFT token - this means that when you earn one card per mission/purchase in the market/player gift, you become the owner of this card).

Card rental: if you are lucky and you get a good card, you may prefer to rent it in the market to other players in exchange for daily DEC.

SPS Airdrop: So far I have mainly talked about DEC and cards (game assets). Each game asset generates the game government token every day through the SPS Airdrop. This token that is also listed on exchanges will be used to buy card envelopes, tickets to tournaments ... This means that Splinterlands rewards you for accumulating assets on its platform.

Tournaments: if you are good at strategy there are tournaments at all levels for players.

Content: Finally, and thanks to Hive, if you share and create content for other players, you will be able to generate SPT (the token given to the people who generate content in the game and another asset).

Finally, if you don't have it, download the Brave browser https://brave.com/es/download/ (focused on games like Splinterlads).

4.- Conclusions

First of all, thank you for making it this far and I hope I have helped you. Hopefully, it has helped you launch into what for me is a game with impressive potential.

I recommend it if you are a fan of deckbuilding if you miss Magic and would like to carry it in your pocket, if you are tired of playing to win and want to earn money with your gaming time. Although you are not at the beginning of the Splinterlands journey, it is going to grow much more.


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