1UP The Newest Curator 2021: They Have Delegation Program, DAO and Liquidity Pools


1UP is the latest curator which will upvote your content in blogging and its already in their second week. They also have new features and announcements. They have activated the DAO, created two liquidity pools on Tribaldex, started their delegation program and they have their first partnership with a game.


The 1UP Delegations Program

They have created a framework to stake 500k ONEUP from the 1UP reserve on the dedicated account @oneup.delegation to hand out delegations for games, curators and communities.

The 1UP reserve is 30% of the issued tokens, which is 750k ONEUP (for each of the four installments every six months). This leaves us 250k ONEUP in the reserve from the first installment of issued tokens.

The first and largest delegation of 50k went to @engage1up, the Comment Curator for 1UP, managed by @jongolson, @blainjones and @elianaicgomes. They created a tool to track comments done on #oneup posts and reward the better ones.

The remaining 450k ONEUP are divided into 30 delegations of 15k ONEUP each. They will be for 90 days and then we reevaluate all the delegates.

The Current Curators:

1.) @risingstargame (game)
2.) @hashkings (game)
3.) @monster-curator (curation service)
4.) @hive.pizza | @thebeardflex (curation service)
5.) @liotes.one | @cryptofiloz (curation service)
6.) @brofund-1up | @raymondspeaks (curator)
7.) @tcgguildbank | @FWXIII (curator)
8.) @behiver (curator)
9.) @splinternews | @solymi (curator)
10.) @ultm8x (curator)
11.) @revise.spt | @revisesociology (curator)
12.) @luizeba
13.) @master.splinter | @elamental (curator)
14.) @ricorose (curator)
15.) @rosiew (curator)

There are still 15 open slot for aspiring curators who wants to be part of the 1UP curator team.


ONEUP Liquidity Pools (Diesel Pools)

They have the new Pool functionality on https://tribaldex.com/dieselpools/. They have created two pairs for ONEUP, that are ready to be populated with liquidity:


HIVE, the base token of Hive-Engine which is paired with ONEUP.


SPT, the base token of Splintertalk which is paired with ONEUP.

You can add liquidity to both pools under https://tribaldex.com/dieselpools/add.


DAO, Burn Proposal & LP Rewards

In order to create LP rewards for the ONEUP pools, they activated the DAO feature of the outpost, which you might have seen on Splintertalk or another Hive-Engine outpost.

The DAO gets about 30% of the total inflation (6.5k ONEUP daily), reducing the Proof of Brain rewards for authors and curators to 70% of the total inflation (~14k ONEUP daily).

This allows us to move ONEUP inflation into both pools via two separate proposals.

The DAO settings are arbitrary for now and need to be adjusted over time. This is a work in progress and still monitored by them. For now each new proposal burns 250 ONEUP and requires 250k ONEUP voting threshold. You can only vote with your staked ONEUP.

A burn proposal will likely follow shortly as well, to avoid abuse of the DAO inflation.

New 1UP Tags

1UP maintag is #oneup. Additonal tags are #splinterlands (changed from previously #spt) and #nft.

They also follow the Axie Buzz (tag: #hive-143402) and the Rising Star (tag: #hive-195370) Hivemind communities. When you post into their communities, you will automatically publish to 1UP as well.


This are the latest update from 1UP and hoping our future blogs will be upvoted by this awesome curators in return of writing good contents. We will support all our curators because they also support us as well.

Official Website: https://www.1up.zone

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