New decentralized social network! 😍OMNI


Hey! We will talk about a new decentralized social network. This product will be very interesting not only for cryptocurrency lovers but also for social bloggers, people who want to express their opinions, as well as people who just want a multifunctional application.

The project in question is called OMNI. The project is built on the brand new PolkaDot blockchain. Which is a very promising solution. It is a decentralized social network. Which should unite all popular networks in one.

Judging by the official website, the project is going to conquer not only the social but also the music industry. Perhaps the project will have a serious marketplace.

In my opinion, a decentralized application can bring even more profit. After all, cryptocurrency is decentralized and it won't tell you that you will have to pay tax from it.

And since the developers tell us that the project will support video content, instant messengers, group calls, secret chats. The project will be easy to use and multifunctional.

OMNI should contribute to the new development of social networks. Regression can be seen in companies like Google (YouTube). Today there is one continuous advertisement. Twitter also deletes posts from users and blocks them. Therefore, it is today that a decentralized project has a chance to occupy its own niche.

My opinion

OMNI is a new generation tool. Which should help improve the social media ecosystem. Of course, most users will no longer be able to abandon their favourite social networks. But it all depends on the community. If the community appreciates the capabilities of the new universal app. Then there will be no problems with the further development of the project.


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